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Winter settings for popping the question


Winter is the perfect time to ask someone to marry you. Think Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day… Aren’t holidays just the best time to ask your partner to marry you? You could of course also surprise your loved one with the big question on a less notable day or occasion. We set out below some of the best places to do this.

A weekend in the Ardennes

Anyone thinking you needed some exotic destination or pearly white beach to propose marriage is sorely mistaken. What could be more romantic than popping the question in winter, after a bracing walk in a snowy mountain landscape, by a crackling fireplace in a cosy Ardennes chalet? Set everything up before the walk, by making it all cosy inside. Put out some snuggly blankets, enough wood for the burner, all the ingredients for a delicious hot chocolate and voilà: you’re good to go.

A trip to the seaside

The seaside is even more breathtaking and enticing in winter than in high season. You can go for a leisurely stroll along the seafront, soaking up all the atmosphere at the coast. Surprise your loved one by going down on one knee on the beach and popping the question. Or write the big question out in the sand. You could also build a sandcastle together. Place the engagement ring on top of your castle and then pop the question out loud.

At a Christmas market

Admittedly, asking your intended to marry you on Christmas Eve may be a tad cliché. But how about proposing at a winter Christmas market? Your partner will probably be truly blown away if you go down on one knee while you’re enjoying a mulled wine or cuddling up together as you browse the stalls. The Christmas lights and jingle bells music will be the perfect setting for your proposal. Note: if your partner is not super keen on being the centre of attention, take them somewhere a little quieter. Of course, proposing marriage at a Christmas market does not go unnoticed. Be prepared for a small crowd!

On a winter sports holiday

Are you more the sporty type? Then double up your marriage proposal with a winter ski trip. Don’t forget to bring the engagement ring! Be waiting at the bottom as your intended skis down the slope, then go down on one knee. Or pretend to fall over, then pop the question: that way, the element of surprise is even greater.

Out for a meal

Everything is just a little more atmospheric and romantic in winter. Especially when you go out for a meal. Surprise your partner by popping the question when they are least expecting it: while deciding what to drink, or when the bill is paid.

While ice skating

Ice skating rinks pop up all over the place come winter. This really is the perfect setting for a super romantic marriage proposal.

Winter Picnic

Are picnics just for summer? Nope! It’s worth making everything all cosy for eating outdoors in winter. Ensure a well-stocked picnic basket, a lovely warm blanket to sit on and another to wrap up in. Be sure to include something hot to drink, such as tea, coffee or soup. Plan your picnic for somewhere romantic, such as an open forest, field or beautiful wildlife area. Hide the ring box in your picnic basket then casually whip it out for the ultimate element of surprise!

While playing Scrabble one evening

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned evening in winter playing board games. Does your loved one like board games such as Scrabble? Then you’re in luck. Ask your partner to marry you using the Scrabble proposal. Figure out the letters in advance to spell out “Will you marry me?” Replace the letter ‘o’ with the engagement ring.

Winter Barbecue

Who doesn’t love a cosy, atmospheric barbecue in winter with friends and family? Incidentally, it’s also the ultimate opportunity for your marriage proposal. If your partner likes to be in the spotlight, they will love having everyone witness you pop the question. Hide the ring in some food, such as an avocado. This is how to kill 2 birds with one stone: a proposal in winter, and a playful one. Have you heard of the avocado proposal by the way? You halve the avocado and replace the brown stone with the ring. And so you open the avocado like you would the ring box. Hilarity guaranteed!

Winter marriage proposal: photo shoot

Are you popping the question in winter? Then it would be perfect to capture this romantic occasion for ever. Hire a professional photographer so you can reminisce about this special moment for many years to come. Discuss with the photographer in advance when and when you will pop the question. So they can capture this moment looking totally natural.

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