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Beach proposal: Sea, beach and palm trees – what more do you need?


Undoubtedly, one of the most romantic, exciting, picture-perfect ways to ask your partner to marry you is a beach proposal. When you’re deciding where to propose, the beach is a brilliant choice: there’s something so magical about the wide expanse of sea stretching before you, which makes it a brilliant place to pop the question!

Beach proposal: choosing the right beach

And if you’re thinking of a beach marriage proposal, one of the first things to do is think about which beach you’re going to go to. It may sound silly, but there’s a huge variety of beaches, so you’ll want to make sure you pick the right one.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the location for your beach marriage proposal. Of course, if there’s a beach that’s special to you both, then that’s the obvious choice to go with. But if you’re searching for the perfect place, here’s some questions to get you started: Firstly, would you prefer it to be sandy, or covered in pebbles? Is the spot you’re thinking of easy to get to, or is it a bit of a walk? Is it a private stretch that allows for a more intimate moment, or will it be a public beach proposal? Is it well cared for, or might it look a bit worse for wear after a weekend of sun worshippers? Is it sheltered from the weather, or is it a bit of a windy spot where your partner might struggle to hear you? These are all good questions to bear in mind as you search for the right spot.

Then, once you’ve decided on the setting of your beach proposal, it’s time to plan how to actually ask the question! Here’s some of our favourite beach proposal ideas to give you some inspiration…

Beach proposal ideas

Write it in the sand

It’s a classic idea for a beach proposal, but it’s a romantic one nonetheless: why not write out your question in the sand? Either write it in and get your partner to a higher vantage point so they can read it all in one, or perhaps write the letters out in a long line, so that they have to piece it together letter by letter. Then, you can be at the end, down on one knee…

Seashell beach marriage proposal

Together, the world is your oyster: so why not use one to propose? Instead of presenting the ring in a ring box, place the ring inside a beautiful shell, then ask your partner to open it. Extra points if you then go for a romantic celebratory meal with oysters!

Message in a bottle

If your paramour is a fan of mystery and intrigue, then using a message in a bottle as part of your proposal is another excellent beach proposal idea. Innocently pretend that you stumbled upon this exciting, unknown treasure, and watch them unfurl your note, carefully placed inside. Then, watch realisation, and excitement, dawn on their face as they realise who actually wrote what they’re reading!

Buried treasure

Another idea is to ‘bury’ the ring in the sand, and then point it out to your partner when you pass it.

Now, as we mentioned earlier, something to be aware of when considering a beach marriage proposal is that beaches often get really busy, especially in the warm summer months. They’re also, by their nature, exposed to the elements. With this in mind, you don’t want to leave your setup for too long — or preferably, at all — so it’s best to quickly plant props or write messages when your partner’s not looking, or ask a trusted friend to do it and keep guard.

Beach proposal ideas out at sea

Of course, it would be remiss to not mention some of the wonderfully romantic ways you can propose in the water as well as outside of it, too. If you and your partner are avid scuba divers, for example, you could propose whilst out on a dive. Alternatively, maybe you’ve got a picturesque boatride planned; this is another great place to pop the question.

Beach proposal ideas at night

But what if you’re planning to pop the question as or after the sun goes down? It becomes slightly less fun to hunt for an expensive ring in the sand when you haven’t got daylight to help you; but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you can’t propose there. Here’s a couple of beach proposal ideas at night to inspire you.

A romantic beach picnic

A delicious feast on the beach is worthy of an insta-moment, for sure. Why not pack a wicker basket with yummy treats — and some celebratory drinks, of course — as well as some special crockery, cutlery and glasses? (You could even get some sea-green coloured ones, for extra effect.) Then, you can nestle the ringbox at the bottom of the basket, and bring it out as the finishing touch.

A romantic beach bonfire

Imagine: the sun’s dipping below the horizon in front of you, you can feel the sand between your toes, and you’re toasting marshmallows on a bonfire with the person you love most in the world. What could be better? Make sure to bring a blanket to snuggle under, and maybe even a hot cocktail in a flask. Cheers to that!

Find here more romantic ways to propose!

Beach proposal decorations

Ask anyone to close their eyes and imagine their happy place, and most people would probably say a beach – that’s what makes a proposal at the beach such a wonderful idea. In other words: beaches are pretty damn beautiful on their own! But there are definitely ways to add to that natural beauty when you’re planning a beach marriage proposal. For example, a soft, luxurious white blanket and some rose petals are the perfect beach proposal decorations, and can go a long way to transforming the space into an intimate, romantic paradise. Just make sure that any decor you bring is eco-friendly, as it’s more than likely some of it will end up in the sea.

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