Engagement poem

A proposal poem is the way to go!


A marriage proposal is a special moment in your lives. One you don’t want to let go by unnoticed. Want to add an extra romantic touch to your proposal? Then surprise your partner with a beautiful poem. Not really the poetic type? No problem. These tips and tricks will soon have your loved one smiling. And saying that magic little word.

Be personal

Admittedly, it’s easy to search for a poem online. And you may find one your partner hasn’t heard before. So that way at least you’ll be finding something original, too. But your proposal will go down even better with a totally personal poem. After all, it’s the perfect way to let your loved one know how much they mean to you. Try to include as many personal details as possible in your poem. Start by making a list of things that sum up your relationship. Where or when did you meet? What do you like most about your partner? Where is your favorite restaurant? What’s your favorite travel destination? Who are your best friends? What makes you both laugh the most? What about their appearance made you fall for them? Well, you get the point. Try mind mapping. This can stimulate your creativity. You’ll find that poetry comes to you a lot easier after that.

Once you have jotted down enough thoughts to write your poem, you can begin to compose your story. Give it a logical structure, not all jumbled up. Plan your poem out the same way you used to write essays at school: with a beginning, middle, and an end. Start with how you met and what made you fall head over heels for your partner. Then, recall your life journey together and end by saying why you want to spend the rest of your days together.

Allow plenty of time

As you can tell, you can’t knock a poem out in 5 minutes. Well, not if you want it to be right. So allow plenty of time to write your poem. Your stress levels will skyrocket automatically as the deadline looms for popping the question. And naturally you want to avoid that. So be sure to take your time.

Searching for ideas online

Looking for inspiration online is plan B! Try writing a personal message first, one from the heart. If you really can’t, then look for a suitable poem on the Internet. Tip: compose a poem using bits from several poems. That way you’ll still be creating something unique.

Rhyme (or no rhyme)

Note: poems don’t need to rhyme Maybe you just find rhyming easier? Then be sure to let go. Try finding words which rhyme with the keywords you noted in your mind map. Avoid your rhymes being too childish or simplistic. Otherwise, it’s better leave rhyming out.

Make it humorous

Would writing poems have you pulling your hair out? Then go down a completely different route and make your poem humorous. It’s always a good idea to make your intended smile when popping the question! Perhaps you had a humorous marriage proposal in mind? Then naturally a poem with humor goes brilliantly with that!


Reciting a poem is something you probably don’t do every day. So some preparation is called for. After all, you don’t want to come across all stumbling and mumbling. Give an impression of confidence by reading your poem out loud several times beforehand. Also, don’t over-rehearse. This keeps the proposal personal and natural.

Proposal poem to win over their heart

Whether it’s humorous, personal, nice and cheesy or cliché, anything goes! It’s your proposal poem, for your intended. So you decide the message and the style. You know them better than anyone. Your partner is sure to appreciate a love poem, no matter how you go about it. Don’t forget to follow up your poem with a beautiful engagement ring and a suitable ring box. Because although your loved one will just love your poem when popping the question, answering the big question with “yes” will go more smoothly when they see you produce a gorgeous ring!

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