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Give a ring without engagement?


Unlike other jewellery, rings such as engagement rings or wedding bands have additional significance, express a special bond and marital status. If you are already married, the gift of a ring will always be interpreted as such, after all, you have already entered into a marriage successfully. The same applies if you are already engaged. But what if you are in a relationship and unmarried and not engaged. You would like to give a ring as a gift, but do not want it to be seen as a marriage proposal or engagement ring?

The typical engagement ring

If you give a ring as a gift and your partner assumes it is an engagement ring, the situation can quickly become a big, embarrassing disappointment. To prevent this, the ring should not look like a typical engagement ring. But what does a engagement ring look like, what makes it stand out, what makes people assume that the ring can only be an engagement ring?

Diamond giant De Beers established the solitaire diamond ring with a single, central stone as an essential component of the engagement through advertising campaigns over many decades, today this type of ring is considered the epitome of an engagement ring. It would be prudent not give a solitaire ring as a gift if you don’t want to get engaged, because there’s a good chance your better half will see the ring as a proposal. The same applies to variations of the traditional solitaire design such as solitaires with a halo of small diamonds, a solitaire with side stones or similar.

Likewise, we also recommend crossing off Toi & Moi rings or trilogy rings from your list. These are less commonly used as a ring for a proposal, but inevitably remind you of an engagement ring.

Which rings are unassuming?

Of course, you can also choose – carefully – a diamond ring as an innocuous gift. For example, a memoire ring, also known as an eternity ring, is ideal. The ring band of such a ring is completely or partially studded with a ring of small diamonds in the upper section. Alternatively, the diamonds are set into the side of the ring band instead of the upper face. A memoire ring, as the name suggests, represents memories and special moments, shared experiences and milestones in life. The eternity ring is almost never chosen as an engagement ring, the risk of confusion is minimal.

Also suitable as a gift without a marriage proposal are design rings with playful  flora or fauna shapes such as leaves, flowers, vines and curved elements, dragonflies, butterflies, sun and moon, etc.

Are you able to spend a little more? If so, a so-called cocktail ring with diamonds is the perfect gift. These wide, often interwoven rings are set with a variety of diamonds, sometimes in different cuts. They are eye-catching, small works of art that make an excellent highlight for an evening event and are instantly recognisable as rings that are not connected to an engagement. A gift as valuable as it is spectacular, which will enrapture any woman.

How do I give a ring without engagement?

Besides the ring itself, the presentation and handing over of the gift plays a crucial role in whether or not someone might suspect a marriage proposal. Thus, kneeling as engagement tradition is strictly reserved for the proposal, also placing the ring on the ring finger of the left or right hand should be avoided at all costs when giving a gift without engagement.

Instead, choose a beautiful jewellery box, classically packaged in wrapping paper, so that it is immediately recognisable as a gift. Coordinate the presentation of the gift so that the situation does not seem like the setting for a proposal. At a romantic dinner by candlelight on Valentine’s Day, your partner is more likely to suspect a marriage proposal than if the gift is with others on the gift table at Christmas or on a birthday. Expressions of love when presenting a gift are a sensitive issue,  even if you’ve otherwise avoided any signals that may indicate engagement. All the more so if you rarely say, “I love you” to each other.

Last but not least: wish is often father to the thought, this saying does not exist by chance. If your sweetheart or loved one is eagerly awaiting a proposal and engagement, you’re skating on thin ice with any ring as a gift if you don’t want to get engaged. To avoid what would probably be the most embarrassing moment of your life, if you are in any doubt, another piece of jewellery is a better choice. Why risk a relationship crisis unnecessarily when there are so many beautiful alternatives? Earrings, a necklace with pendant, a bracelet or a fine timepiece, there are many possibilities for wonderful jewellery gifts that are completely unassuming.

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