Proposal with kids

Proposal with kids: Involve your children in the big moment!


If you have children or your partner then is a proposal with kids is a possibility– it is a really wonderful way to lay the foundations of the new stage you’re entering into as a family unit. It not only shows your partner that you’re serious about your future together, but it also clearly communicates your love to your little one as well, helping them feel included, and reassuring them of their place in the family even in a time of change.

Plus, let’s face it – a proposal with kids is exceptionally cute, too!

Proposal with kids needs their blessing

Before you get into the logistics of ideas for a proposal with kids, some people choose to first ask them for their blessing. Of course, the likelihood of them having any genuine reticence is (hopefully) extremely low, but it’s another way of treating them with respect and showing them how big a role they play in your future.

Giving them an important part to play

One way to involve your child in your marriage proposal ideas is to give them an important role to play. Maybe you could ask them for their insight into how they think you should pop the question, they could serve as a very cute distraction, or – if you trust them! – they could fetch the ring from a pre-agreed safe place.

Alternatively, kids’ activities provide a great cover for surprise proposals – here’s a list of 6 great proposal ideas involving your child:

Proposal with kids: ideas

“Will you marry…” outfits

One of the cutest ideas for a proposal with kids is the idea of using special proposal outfits. Dress your little one in a t-shirt (or onesie, if they’re very little!) reading “Mum/Dad, will you marry x?” and then ask your partner to read the slogan out loud. Cutest messenger ever? We think so.

If you have more than one child that you want to include in the proposal idea, then why not split the message across multiple tshirts? Then, as they reveal their outfits one by one, your partner can piece the message together.

Family photoshoot

If you like the idea of having photos of the moment you asked your partner to marry you – and the moment they said a big fat yes – then a family photoshoot can be the perfect cover for that. Whilst they may be somewhat suspicious of you suggesting a couples’ photoshoot for no reason, photoshoots with young children are extremely popular, seeing as they grow up so fast! To nail this proposal idea with kids, plan a shoot with a local photographer somewhere that you all love as a family – it could be a park, the beach, or in the comfort of your own home – and prep the photographer that you’ll be popping the question. That way, they can not only capture your partner’s reaction, but your kid(s)’ reaction too.

Find here more proposal photoshoot ideas!

Scavenger hunt

As we mentioned above, pretty much if you decide on a proposal with kids it is going to be super cute, but there’s something especially cute about kids hunting treasure. Their childlike wonder and sense of adventure is infectious, and you can’t help but join in when you’re all hunting together. Hide clues around your house (or maybe even your town, with the help of your pals and friendly business owners!) and watch them solve them one by one, getting closer and closer the whole time. Little did they know that the treasure was in your pocket…

Arts and crafts day

If you don’t mind a proposal with kids that is a tad on the messy side, then an arts and crafts day can be the perfect way to propose with kids involvement. Why not get stuck in with paint, crayons, glitter or glue, and ask your little Picasso to draw their very own depiction of you asking your partner to marry you? Then, you – or your child – can proudly take it through to your partner, showing off your little protege’s artistic flair…and popping the question in the meantime.

Bake up a storm together

One of the best parent-child bonding experiences is baking – it’s art that you can eat, so everyone’s a winner. We’re not necessarily suggesting you bake the ring into the cake like a sixpence at Christmas…instead, Emily Garland recommends biscuits. “Baking something is such a fun, personal thing to do for someone and a great way to involve the kids. And biscuits are so versatile – for example, why not make my gorgeous biscuit heart-shaped box filled with their favourite sweets? They’re perfect for creating that beautiful, memorable moment.”

Flash mob

This idea for a proposal with kids isn’t just with kids: it’s with a few other people, too. Flash mobs are surprise gatherings of people who suddenly break out into performance – so if your partner loves a romantic, film-style proposal, a bit of karaoke and a boogie or is a massive theatre fan, why not propose to them this way? Secretly arrange for your loved ones to be at a certain place at a certain time, unbeknownst to your partner; then, on a signal, they can all start performing a choreographed number. Of course, the star of the show can be your child, performing front and centre, or maybe coming through the crowd with a sign bearing the question of the hour.

Use their specific skills

If your child is particularly good at, or particularly enjoys doing, something specific, then why not work with that to plan your marriage proposal. Maybe they really love dinosaurs, or they’re proving to be a superstar on the pitch – can you incorporate this into your proposal idea, to make it super personal and special?

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