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Where can you hide your engagement ring?


You’ve finally taken the plunge and bought the engagement ring. Until the marriage proposal itself however, you’ll need somewhere to hide it. But where? You’ll need to look for a discreet hiding place. Finding the right place to hide your engagement ring is no easy task. You don’t just want your partner to discover your plan, go snooping around and then find the ring. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best hiding places for an engagement ring.

The best places to hide your engagement ring

First, think carefully about the following: what’s a place where your partner would never look? If you know the answer to this and that place is safe, then look no further. But do you get the feeling your partner will look start looking everywhere? Then that makes things a bit more difficult.

In a large wardrobe

Your wardrobe may well be the best place to hide a ring, except when your partner is putting clothes away. Maybe this is the time to start putting away your own clothes away yourself! If this is your place of choice, make sure you conceal the ring in an old T-shirt or in the pocket of a pair of trousers at the very bottom of the clothes pile, a place where your partner will (hopefully) never look!

On a high shelf, the higher the better!

Is your partner a little on the shorter side? Then a high shelf might be the perfect hiding place for a ring. That’s unless your partner really puts in some effort and gets a chair to stand on,  so just make sure there are no chairs or ladders nearby and your hiding spot will be completely safe! To make things even harder, we recommend hiding it in or behind something. That way there’s no chance whatsoever of your partner catching a glimpse of the ring box.

At a friend or relative’s house

It’s highly likely your partner (if they’re already onto something) will start looking for the ring at your house or suddenly end up finding it. The solution to that problem, of course, is to leave your ring with someone else, such as a friend or with your parents. You’ll need to choose someone you completely trust and who can keep their mouth shut.

Hide it with your hobbies

Are you absolutely made for gaming or sports? Then why not hide your engagement ring in your gym bag or in a drawer on your desk? If your partner is not interested in your particular hobby, they will never find your hiding place. Also, be sure to clean your own desk or wash the contents of your gym bag yourself to ensure your partner gets nowhere near it!

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Ready to propose…where do you hide the engagement ring?

Hiding an engagement ring in the house is difficult, but hiding it on your person is an even more difficult task. If you are ready to pop the question, then you might consider wearing loose or roomy clothing, for example, a big coat with deep pockets.

Don’t own roomy clothes or you can’t manage to hide the ring? See if it fits in your sock. Try it out a couple of times to see if walking with a ring box in your sock is comfortable. Just make sure your trouser legs are long enough so the box doesn’t stick out! Another thing you can do, if you’re planning a picnic, for example, is hide the ring in the picnic basket. Far easier than trying to conceal it in your sock!

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