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Which Ring Box Should I Pick? How To Find The Perfect Match


When you’re planning to pop the question to your partner, one of the biggest decisions to make is, of course, which engagement ring to buy. But once you’ve got the ring, it’s time to think about the ring box it comes in! Which ring box should you pick to house your beautiful choice?

What is a ring box?

First things first, before we get into which ring box will be perfect for your engagement ring, let’s go back to basics with what the ring box even is. As the name suggests, it’s the box your ring will live in to keep it safe until you present it to your partner, they say yes, and you transfer it to their finger!

Why is the ring box important?

Of course, as we’ve just mentioned, the most important function the ring box plays is in keeping the ring itself safe. Arguably anything it does after that is a bonus, but it also serves other important functions too!

As the ring box forms a key part of the proposal – one of, if not the most, important part, in fact – you may want to switch it up, and buy a new one to make it even more special. If you’ve planned an extravagant proposal and perfected all the little details, it would be a shame to overlook this final one. A beautiful ring box can add the ultimate finishing touch to any brilliant proposal plan.

Specially selecting a new ring box is also an excellent way to show off your style, and signal the thought you’ve put into the proposal: not only have you carefully chosen the ring, but you’ve gone to great lengths to pick which ring box as well. Marriage material, if you ask us!

Plus, your wedding rings will also come in a ring box, which will be front and centre of your wedding day (and pictures) as you say your vows.

Most rings will come from the jeweler already in a ring box, but these are usually pretty standard-looking. Nothing terrible, but nothing life-changing either. But we know the ring you’ve picked is anything but average, so why not get a ring box to match?

What type of ring boxes are there?

There’s a ring box for every type of ring and every type of proposal, making the answer to the question ‘Which ring box should I pick?’ a bit like the question ‘how long is a piece of string?’ (aka: it depends!) But we’re here to break down the most popular types available, so that you can narrow down your choice and select the perfect one.

Velvet Ring Box

Perhaps the most famous type of ring box, and certainly the most luxurious, is the velvet ring box. Evoking feelings of old Regency glamour and Hollywood opulence, this sumptuous fabric makes the perfect cover for an impressive engagement ring. We particularly love The Mrs Box ring boxes for the variety on offer. You can pick from 44 splendid shades, or some picture-perfect prints for the outside of the box, plus there’s the option of a custom engraved design or monograph on top of the box. There’s also 4 shapes of box to pick from, but our favourite is “The Proposal”, as it really puts the ring front and centre.

Wooden Ring Box

If you want to go for a more rustic feel, then why not go for a wooden ring box? There are so many different shapes of wooden box so you could have anything from a simple, elegant cuboid box to a multi-faceted shape that replicates the diamond. We highly recommend this shop for beautiful, hand-carved boxes to treasure forever. Or, you could even go for one shaped like a mountain range – the perfect choice for adventurous proposals.

Glass Ring Box

Glass ring boxes are another classic and classy answer to the age-old question of which ring box you should go for. Similarly to the velvet box, they conjure up a feeling of grandeur and magnificence. After all, it’s the same material used in delicate, expensive items such as chandeliers and champagne glasses! This box recalls to us the intricacy of stained glass windows, whilst this geometric shaped box would be the perfect choice if you’re planning a personal proposal for your plant-loving partner.

Geode Ring Box

If you’re after real wow factor, then a geode ring box could be the way forward. Forged from real crystals, these ring boxes will dazzle your partner – both metaphorically, and literally…

Antique Ring Box

If you’ve ever looked in the window of an old jeweller’s shop, you’ll know that sometimes the boxes are almost as beguiling as the rings (almost, but not quite!) Each box undeniably tells a story, so keep an eye out on auction sites and antique shops for the perfect vintage heirloom to carry on yours.

Which ring box is right for you?

So now you know a bit about what’s out there, the question remains: which ring box is right for you? There are a number of things to bear in mind when picking your ring box. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you start your search:

  • What style is the ring? You don’t want your ring box to distract from, or worse, clash with, the pièce de résistance. If you’ve got a beautiful sapphire ring for example, you’d want a sleek, elegant design that complemented the colour.
  • Does your proposal have a theme, or a visual style? Similarly, picking a ring box that won’t be at odds with how you pop the question itself is always a winner.
  • How will you be proposing? If, for example, you’ll be producing the ring box from limited pocket space, then the shape and the size of the box will be as important as the aesthetics. You might want to look at a rotating ring box. These utilise clever design to appear as a slim box (therefore easy to slip into a pocket without arousing suspicion), but when opened, rotate the ring to be displayed face-on, giving it the attention it deserves. 

We hope you’ve found this guide to which ring box to pick useful! Whilst you’re here, why not check out some of our other helpful guides for all things engagement rings?

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