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Planning a Romantic Hotel Room Proposal: The Ultimate Guide


How to plan a romantic hotel proposal?

A hotel room proposal is one of the most romantic ways you can ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. For this reason, it’s perhaps one of the most famous too. But how do you plan a hotel room proposal? As part of our blog series on where to propose , we’ve got the ultimate guide on the blog for you today.

Why should you consider a hotel room proposal?

But first things first: why might you consider a hotel room proposal? Well, it’s the perfect combination of winning proposal factors. Spending the night, or the weekend, in a hotel feels adventurous and exciting, which makes it a luxurious setting in which to pop the question. However, unlike many other potential proposal spots, it’s totally private, which is perfect for those of you who want to keep the experience between the two of you.

In other words, it’s impressive, but intimate. A perfect combination, if you ask us!

How do you plan a hotel room proposal?

Firstly: you should decide which hotel you’re planning this in. You may already have a trip booked where you’ve splashed out on five star accommodation – if so, this will be perfect. Alternatively, however, you might want to sweep them off their feet with a surprise weekend away, just because. If they think that’s romantic…just they wait and see what you’ve got in store!

When you’re enquiring, be sure to tell the hotel what you’re planning, so that they can advise the best room to go for. For example, there might be a suite with unparalleled views across the ocean, or with a balcony that boasts the best view of the city skyline. Or maybe there’s one room where the romance goes far beyond the rest, with a four poster bed or a copper bath tub at the foot of it. Whatever it is, the hotel should be able to advise you on.

Once you’ve booked the hotel room, the next step of your hotel room proposal is to plan a diversion activity. Below we’ve listed some romantic hotel room proposal decor ideas and details, but whatever you choose, you’ll most likely need someone to set them up whilst you (and, most importantly, your unsuspecting partner!) are out.

Is there a play or concert you’ve always wanted to catch? Or maybe a restaurant where you could go for a romantic dinner? (Even better if this is within the hotel itself, as it will help the staff keep track of timings for you!) Whatever it is, make your reservation so that you’re guaranteed to be out of the room at that specific time.

Then, it’s a case of enlisting some external help to transform the room whilst you’re out! These could be staff from the hotel, friends, family members, or even a proposal planning team local to the area. And how are they to transform the room, you may ask? More on that below… 

The perfect hotel room proposal

Of course, your proposal will be special wherever you plan it – what could be more special than asking the love of your life to marry you, right?! And already, your superb choice of location (see above) will ensure that your hotel room proposal is a night you’ll remember forever. But we’d really recommend decorating the room, too, for extra, unbelievable WOW factor.


One bouquet of flowers is always romantic, but why not go for opulence with multiples? You could arrange for bunches of flowers to be placed in the room, so that a sea of blooms stretches as far as the eye can see once you open the door. (Imagine the scent, too. Divine!)

Rose petals

Roses have long been the classic sign of never-ending love. Dethorn them, and you can then scatter them over the bed. Or, why not use rose petals? Bestrew them over the floor for a dreamy, enchanting carpet of flowers as your loved one enters the room; alternatively, you could place them on the bed in a love heart, or spelling out your initials or names.


There’s no addition quite as amorous as the low, flickering glow of candlelight. You can either place a few as focal points around the room, or place lots of them around the perimeter as an opulent, magical decoration. We recommend using candles of different heights, from tealights to pillar candles, for optimal opulence. (If you (or the hotel) are worried about leaving them unattended, you can choose battery-operated candles, which look just like the real deal!)

Another thing to consider with candles is finding some with a heady scent, which will fill the room deliciously whilst you’re out.

Marquee letters

If you want to go all out on your hotel room proposal decor, we recommend spelling it out with marquee letters. A simple word like Love or Amore is exceptionally effective, and makes the perfect backdrop for you to drop to your knee, if that’s your plan! (Plus, an excellent backdrop for the Instagram picture of the ring…)


Another item of decor that lends itself to lavish hotel room proposal opulence is the mighty balloon. Their versatility means they can be used in many different ways to perfectly finish your plan off. For example, helium-filled heart shaped balloons can be used to cover the ceiling completely, for an abundant, yet modern display of opulence. Alternatively, you could use foil letters to spell out your question, or your partner’s name, and place these directly opposite the entrance to the room, or perhaps on the bed.

Champagne and chocolate

No romantic hotel room is complete without a well-stocked mini bar and treat table, never mind a hotel room proposal! A vintage champagne and fancy box of chocolates, wrapped in lush ribbon, are the perfect way to celebrate your proposal in style, as well as being well-acknowledged as an aphrodisiac…

A romantic soundtrack

So far for this hotel room proposal we’ve discussed a lot of elements that are a pleasure to see, and we’ve touched on smell too with the rose petals and candles. But sound is an extremely evocative sense, too, so it’s definitely worth considering!

You could arrange a playlist of romantic songs that hold significance for you as a couple to be playing on loop. Or, perhaps you want to go all out – space dependent, of course, you could hire a string quartet to play you in. What could be more memorable than that?

Best of luck with your dreamy hotel room proposal!

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