Marriage proposal hot air balloon

Hot air balloon marriage proposal: the epitome of romance


A unique marriage proposal is a dream for many. And when you think of unique you often think of adventure. Popping the question during a bungee jump might be just a little too daring but how about a marriage proposal in a hot air balloon? You’ll undoubtedly create an ultra-romantic moment that your loved one won’t soon forget.

Why a marriage proposal in a hot air balloon?

A traditional marriage proposal on land is already super romantic. But a proposal from the air makes it even more special. It is a unique way to ask your partner to marry you, you experience something exciting and it is extra fun afterwards to tell friends and family how your proposal went. It is just a bit more interesting than having to say that you popped the question at the kitchen table.

It’s probably not every day you get to ride in a hot air balloon, so it’s safe to say it’s something special. You’re probably only going to ask such an important question once in your life, so make the moment special. Transcend yourself for this occasion!

Making a marriage proposal while you are undertaking something unique and new together is also symbolic. After all, your marriage is the next step in the exciting adventure you are undertaking together!

Love lifts you up

During a balloon flight, you can literally make sure that love lifts you up. Opt for an exclusive private balloon ride and book a flight for 2 people or go for a balloon ride with fellow passengers such as friends and family. After you have been floating through the air for a while, pop the question: get down on one knee and pull out the engagement ring. Your partner will be over the moon!

It goes without saying that you can only propose marriage in a hot air balloon if your partner is not afraid of heights. If you haven’t known each other very long or very well, ask beforehand if your loved one is adventurous and not afraid of heights. A wiser man/woman is worth two!

You can ask the question in the basket of the hot air balloon or place a banner with your proposal on the ground. Then, when you fly by, ask your partner to look down and have him or her read the message. Get the help of friends and family to place the banner. Make sure the message is easy to read and is in the right direction, so your loved one doesn’t have to read the message upside down. Alternatively, put your proposal on the ground in large letters. This could be a parking spot, a flat roof or a large field.

Plan B

Hot air balloon marriage proposals are very dependent on the weather conditions. In case of heavy wind or rain, it is not pleasant to do a balloon flight and even not safe. So be sure to have a plan B and schedule several dates for your flight.

Capture your marriage proposal in the hot air balloon in photo

A marriage proposal is such a special moment in a person’s life that you absolutely must immortalize it in photographs. Find a suitable wedding photographer and ask him or her to come on board the hot air balloon if necessary. Tell your loved one that he or she is the guide on the balloon and that the camera he or she is carrying is for taking some promotional photos for the website. Give it a twist so that your partner won’t be suspicious but so that you can enjoy some beautiful photos of this special moment afterwards.

Get a marriage proposal planner under your belt

Do you find it secretly scary to plan a marriage proposal from the air? Then let an experienced marriage proposal planner guide you. He or she can guide you through the entire process: from booking the flight to finding the photographer and placing the banner. In short: all the coordination and planning that goes into a proposal.


Want to add an extra dimension to your hot air balloon marriage proposal? Then provide a bottle of champagne, strawberries or a box of chocolates. That way you can celebrate this magical moment with something delicious!

Alternative to a balloon marriage proposal: helicopter flight

Would you like to propose to your loved one in the sky but don’t really like a balloon flight? Then opt for a romantic and adventurous helicopter flight. A marriage proposal in a helicopter has just that little bit more glamour. You can really dress up in a neat costume and evening wear and leave at dusk. Flying high in the sky over an illuminated breathtaking landscape or cityscape is beautiful. Moreover, such a flight is very exciting and exhilarating. And according to research, it is ideal for making your relationship more intense and deeper. Kneeling will not work in a helicopter, so it’s best to think of an alternative beforehand.

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