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How To Plan Your Helicopter Proposal For An Ultra-glam, Romantic Engagement


Your proposal is a moment like no other; so it’s only fitting to pop the question with a once-in-a-lifetime experience! If you’re looking to plan a proposal that will take your partner’s breath away — and not just because they’re so happy to be engaged — then we suggest a helicopter proposal.

Picture it: stepping onto the helicopter like something out of a film, watching the world fall away beneath you as you rise through the sky, and getting an uninterrupted view of your area that’s impossible to get anywhere else. You’ll go into the sky as partners, and come back as fiancè(e)s!

Why choose a helicopter proposal?

Perfect for those who fancy themselves as their generation’s 007, a helicopter proposal can be total 00-heaven. A helicopter trip oozes sophistication and glam, so you’ll feel on top of the world both literally and emotionally. In fact, your partner might even utter the words “Life couldn’t get better right now”…but just you wait!

We’re also willing to wager that you probably don’t take a helicopter trip everyday, so it’s a really special way to spend the day. Of course, you will always remember the day you got engaged as beautiful and significant, but why not rise to meet the occasion?

Another reason we love a helicopter proposal is because of the pure exhilaration. Studies suggest that experiencing new things together is an ingredient of successful relationships that go the distance. Plus, we think there’s something very symbolic about proposing whilst doing something thrilling – because what is marriage if not the next step in a massive adventure you’re embarking on together?

Discover here the most adventurous proposal ideas!

Extravagant Helicopter Proposal Routes

Cityscape Helicopter Ride

So, now you’re sold on the idea of a helicopter proposal: what should you actually do? The first option is to take a helicopter tour of a big city, such as New York, or Barcelona – with the awe-inspiring spires of the Sagrada Familia beneath you (for more ideas for proposing in Barcelona, click here!).

Areas of Natural Beauty Helicopter Ride

Or, maybe you’d like to swap out cityscapes for landscapes – why not choose for a helicopter proposal and fly over an area of natural beauty, such as the Grand Canyon or Victoria Falls? This could even inspire the way you ask the question, with a witty comment about needing another rock, or a soppy one saying that surrounded by all that beauty, your favourite thing to look at is still your partner…

A Helicopter Ride Over Home

Perhaps instead you’d rather take a helicopter trip a bit closer to home. You could organise a helicopter proposal somewhere that matters to you, for example the town you live in, where you met, or where you first said I love you.

Spell it out

As we mentioned above, a helicopter proposal affords you something you can’t get anywhere else: a totally new perspective. Quite literally, of the ground! So why not use this to your advantage and spell out your question in huge letters on the ground? Find a car park, rooftop or field that you’re allowed to use, and lay the letters out to spell WILL YOU MARRY ME?

You could even go one step further and ask all of your friends and family to congregate there when you ask – so they can all wave at you, even if you can’t make out their faces from up there.

Romantic Helicopter Proposal Ideas

Of course, it’s not just the outside you need to think about when planning a helicopter proposal: what goes on inside the cab is pretty significant too. With that in mind, a little preparation will go a long way.

Ideal dates for your helicopter proposal

One thing that will play an important factor in this helicopter proposal plan is the weather. Obviously, we’re not suggesting that you can control the weather (though if you can, that’s very cool) but it’s worth remembering that helicopters are subject to the elements. This means if it’s a super windy season, there’s a high likelihood that your trip might get postponed. As we obviously don’t want that, it’s worth speaking to the pilot company for a date they’d suggest is best.

Not such a fan of helicopters? Try a plane proposal!

Work out your alternative to kneeling

If you were planning to get down on one knee, you’ll need to come up with a Plan B. This is because you’ll be buckled into the seat for safety reasons, and you don’t want to be endangering yourself in any way! However, if you’ve got the words and the ring, we don’t think there’ll be any problem in getting across what you’re trying to say.

(It’s also not the sexiest tip in the world, but it might be worth giving a heads up to your pilot for what you’re planning – screaming mid-flight might otherwise arouse panic!)

Prepare a romantic spread inside the helicopter

Mr Bond was well known for being smooth with the ladies, and we think taking some inspiration from him for your partner is a great idea. Why not prepare a bouquet of flowers, some chocolates or some bubbly (or all three!) inside the helicopter? That way you can celebrate the good news in serious style.

Are you planning a helicopter proposal to pop the question? Make sure to check out our other extravagant proposal ideas here too – we’ve got loads of brilliant ideas, if we do say so ourselves!

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