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6 adventurous proposal ideas!


If the famous quote “You are my greatest adventure” resonates with you both, then the chances are you’re a couple who aren’t afraid of bold experiences that get your heart racing. No, we’re not just talking about plain old proposing, which might well bring you out in sweaty palms; today we’re talking adventurous proposal ideas!

Your proposal should reflect you as a couple, and what you like to do. So, if you’re known as a duo who are always exploring something new, a twosome who see every second spent on the sofa as wasted time just waiting for another trip, or maybe you’re a pair of thrill-seekers always up for a crazy activity to get your blood pumping, here’s a list of some adventurous proposal ideas to help you pop the question in a way that you know your partner will love!

Adventurous proposal idea 1#: Northern Lights proposal

The first of our adventurous proposal ideas is one of the most impressive, and a subject of much fantasising: getting engaged under the Northern Lights. Otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis, they’re a breathtaking display of dancing waves of coloured light in the night sky, and they’re one of the most magical things you’ll ever see on Earth. So why not go one step further to make the experience extra-unforgettable, and propose to your partner whilst you’re there?

The Northern Lights can be seen from multiple places in the Northern hemisphere, such as Alaska, Sweden, The Arctic, Finland, Iceland, Canada, and more, plus a wide variety of accommodation from luxury resorts to comfy, contemporary igloos to quad bike tours and more.

You can read more on planning a Northern Lights proposal here.

Adventurous proposal idea 2#: Skydiving proposal

If you and your partner have a bit of a daredevil streak within you and love doing crazy stuff together, why not combine asking them to marry you with jumping out of a plane?

Ok, so you probably won’t be physically able to ask exactly as you jump out of the plane, what with the fact you’ll very soon after be plummeting through several thousand feet of atmosphere. But you could pop the question moments before you’re due to jump, so that you can combine the adrenaline of saying yes with the stunt itself. Alternatively, why not ask your partner for their hand in marriage when you’re both safely on the ground? If nothing else sways you, it’s an excellent opportunity for some top-notch puns about how much you’ve fallen for them…

Skydiving is a pretty extreme way of proposing anyway – hence we had to include it in this definitive adventurous proposal ideas roundup – but you could even go one step further by speaking to the team at the skydiving centre to organise a message on the ground that could be seen by your fiancee from above.

Adventurous proposal idea 3#: Proposal in the mountains

When you propose (and your partner says yes), you feel on top of the world – so why not literally pop the question there, too? One of our favourite adventurous proposal ideas is proposing in the mountains, because it’s the perfect setting for outdoorsy folk to get engaged.

Picture the scene: you’ve been on a beautiful hike, surrounded by all the best that nature has to offer. You’ve seen loads of beautiful flora, maybe even some impressive fauna if you’re lucky, and, of course, you’re feeling the good old endorphin rush that comes with some intense exercise. You get to the summit, a clearing, or any natural stopping point, and take a moment to soak up the breathtaking view. Does that not sound like the perfect place to ask your beloved to marry you?

Adventurous proposal idea 4#: Grand Canyon proposal

Adventurous proposal ideas don’t get much more iconic than at the Grand Canyon, the epic National Park in Arizona. It’s one of the most famous landscapes in the world, and for good reason: miles and miles of unique, jaw-dropping geography as far as the eye can see. With a plethora of different viewing spots and even a lake with boats to hire, you’re guaranteed to find a beautiful spot to pop the question.

Check out our guide to see what you need to think about when planning a Grand Canyon proposal: we definitely recommend a photographer, and to think about the timing of your plans. This is not only to catch the sunrise or sunset, but also so you don’t overheat in the extreme weather it sometimes experiences!

Read more about this adventurous proposal idea in this article about Grand Canyon Proposals.

Adventurous proposal idea 5#: Bungee jump proposal

Ok, the fifth of our adventurous proposal ideas is absolutely not for the faint of heart: because it involves bungee jumping. It’s definitely a plan best-suited for the thrillseekers, but if you and your partner sit firmly in that category, then it probably sounds pretty perfect!

Similar to the skydiving proposal idea above, it’s fairly difficult to propose whilst you’re mid-bungee, but fear not: there are other ways to do it. For one, you could do it whilst standing on the platform, before you jump; a bungee jump is, after all, a great way to use all of that nervous, fizzing, excited, exhilarating energy that’s probably overflowing because you JUST GOT ENGAGED! Alternatively, you could do it once you’re both safe and secure on solid ground again, still chasing the high of what you’ve just accomplished. Finally, you could even propose whilst you’re still hanging upside down, for the ultimate unique proposal story.

(Plus, as an added bonus, why not arrange for a photographer to be there, capturing it in all of its glory?)

Adventurous proposal idea 6#: Treasure hunt proposal

Adventurous proposal ideas don’t always have to involve death-defying activities or travelling abroad; if you prefer your adventures a little closer to home, why not plan a treasure hunt proposal? It’s a super cute way to pop the question, as well as being a great way of making it personalised. Hide clues in areas that (or with people who) hold significance for you as a couple, building up to the final clue, which is – you guessed it! – the proposal itself.

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