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Is a ‘proposal planner’ something for you?


Everyone knows a ‘wedding planner’ these days. A professional will organize your unforgettable wedding day down to the last detail. However, there is also such a thing as a “proposal planner”. Curious about what this concept entails? Silke Vincent -experienced wedding planner and stylist- of Atelier Rosé answers your most burning questions in an exclusive interview. Meet the ‘proposal planner’!

1. What is a proposal planner?

Silke says: “A ‘proposal planner’ plans your dream proposal from A  to Z. The process starts with thinking about a particular idea or concept and ends with the complete practical organization and decoration of your proposal. We ensure that everything is perfect and that the moment itself runs smoothly. You can compare it to planning a wedding, but on a slightly smaller scale.”

2. Why do people choose a proposal planner?

“Many people already have a vague, raw idea of what their ideal proposal might look like. They are looking for a party that can turn their wishes into reality. Someone who can give direction to their dream proposal, so that they don’t have to do it themselves – they don’t have the time, or the knowledge of good partners in crime. We are of course happy to help them with that.”

3. Does a proposal planner work on a tailor-made basis?

Some proposal planners work with standard formulas, but Atelier Rosé deliberately chooses to work out a tailor-made proposal: “Before planning can begin, we ask the initiator to complete an extensive questionnaire. The purpose of this questionnaire is to get to know the couple better so that we can work out the most personal dream proposal. We ask, among other things, about your future partner’s favorite food, the colors he or she preferences, his or her personal style, and so on. We also ask for details about the couple, such as inside jokes, personal anecdotes, the story of their love adventure, … We incorporate this information in the construction, setting and decoration of the proposal so that it finally becomes an intimate, ultra-personal whole.”

In 2019, Atelier Rosé had the opportunity to work out a proposal for a couple from Mexico: “The couple had a special connection with Bruges. We worked out a guided walking tour in Bruges. But what the bride-to-be didn’t know was that everyone in the ‘group’ was in on the plot. There was a photographer, a videographer, and also myself. Everything was secretly filmed and photographed. There was also a boat trip included, on which there was a pianist with a singer who started singing their special song along the way. All little hints, only to be asked the question in a beautiful place…. Emotion to the max!”

Do you want to get engaged in Bruges but you don’t know the perfect location? In this article you will find the most magical proposal locations in Bruges!

4. How do you make sure the proposal stays secret?

These sneaky plans should of course be kept strictly secret from the partner. However, according to Silke, this is often easier said than done. “Our communication with the client is often via email, Whatsapp or text message. It is up to the bride(egom)-to-be that his or her beloved doesn’t see any of this, and doesn’t get wind of all the beauty that awaits her or him! Just before the proposal we usually schedule a meeting to go over the last details. Sometimes this can no longer take place though, because it starts to feel just too suspicious…”, she laughs.

5. Silke’s ultimate proposal planner tips

“My ultimate tip for readers is: Contact your favorite proposal planner in a timely manner. The demand for proposal planners has seen an enormous boost lately. This way you avoid having to do everything last minute. Choose a person you feel comfortable with. After all, your chosen proposal planner is part of a very special moment in your life.”

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