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Treasure hunt proposal planning: a fun, romantic, personalised way to pop the question


Looking for a proposal plan that’s fun, romantic, and completely personalised? May we introduce to you: the treasure hunt proposal.

A treasure hunt proposal, sometimes known as a scavenger hunt proposal, is one of our favourite exciting ways to pop the question, and as such it’s completely unforgettable. (Sure, you may argue your partner has already found gold by dating you, but who would say no to even more?) With just a few clever clues, you can create the proposal of dreams.

How do you plan a treasure hunt proposal?

A treasure hunt proposal is a plan with maximum impact which requires deceptively minimal effort. As we said above, the only thing you really need is a few clever clues; but we’ll break this down, and some other ways to make it extra special, below. Buckle up…

Choose places that hold significance for you and your partner

The whole idea of a scavenger hunt is to find hidden clues, with one clue leading the searcher to the next one. So when you’re planning the places to hide your clues, you can pick anywhere! However, for added sentimentality, why not have your clues relate to places that hold significance for you and your partner?

These could be important places such as where you met, or where you had your first kiss. Or, you could go for places which hold shared memories for you, such as funny moments you always think about. Alternatively, you could choose places that show how well you know your partner: for example, their favourite coffee shop or park bench. (However, don’t make the whole hunt just an exercise in proving you could win Mastermind with a round on them.)

And, of course, you can choose places that are new, too, because they’ll make for great future memories!

Think practically

The flipside of this is also picking places that make logistical sense. For example, you want the places to be actually reachable, all located relatively close to one another; or, if not, then you want to allow plenty of time for travel between.

When picking places to plant your clues, make sure you pick somewhere where they’ll be safe until your partner finds them. Is the location staffed, for example? If so, ask the staff to keep an eye on it, so it’s where it’s meant to be when the time comes. Leaving clues in unmanned, public places is risky business: any regular Joe could turn up and take it, and then the whole hunt would be thrown off!

Another practical consideration to think about is the weather. What’s the forecast for the day ahead? If it’s raining or snowing, is your partner going to be walking between clues?

Add personalised elements

It’s not just the location of each hidden treasure that can receive the special treatment in a treasure hunt proposal: oh no! You can personalise each clue to your relationship, too. If you’re writing your clues on paper or cards, then you could reference a special memory or an inside joke on each one. You could also use a souvenir from your relationship, like old tickets from events you’ve been to together, and write on the back of them.

Or perhaps you want to go a little bit extra with your clue presentation. With each clue, you could include a small gift, like a charm to build a charm bracelet, or a mini bottle of fancy cologne.

Get your loved ones involved

Your treasure hunt proposal could be a sentimental day out for just the two of you; or, you could get your friends and family involved too. Get them on board to be cluebearers, as long as you can trust them not to give anything away before the end. For extra fun, they could even disguise themselves, and reveal themselves right at the end for the ultimate surprise!

Decide whether you’re doing it too

Do you want to go on the treasure hunt with your partner? Or do you want to set them off and leave them to it, making your way to the final clue ahead of them?

Think about how you’re popping the big question

We’ve shown you how to plan an incredible treasure hunt proposal above, but now we’re at the business end, and asking the big question: how do you actually pop the question? Your partner’s completed the treasure hunt, and followed the clues which have led them here. What awaits them?

There are so many wonderful ways you can ask your partner to marry you, ranging from humorous to heartfelt. Of course, you could go down the traditional route of roses, chocolate, champagne, and going down on one knee: it’s a classic for a reason. You could hire a gospel choir or flash mob to be at the final clue, and suddenly start serenading your unsuspecting partner. Or, you could use each clue as a piece of the proposal itself, including a letter or jigsaw piece in each one which, when put together, spells out the question. (A puzzle within a puzzle!)

You could even make the final destination a restaurant, and pretend that it was just a fun game with no hidden meaning, until the waiter brings out a dessert plate and announces ‘the final clue’…before lifting the cloche and revealing a ring box!

Wherever and however you decide to do your treasure hunt proposal, it requires a little forethought, but is totally worth it so best of luck! Looking for more adventurous proposal ideas and inspiration? Check more out here!

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