Huwelijksaanzoek in de lucht

Marriage proposal from the air


Every marriage proposal is a little unique. Some lovers like to pop the question in an intimate setting. Others, on the other hand, want to surprise by throwing everything at the occasion. Are you in the last category? Then get your most adventurous shoes on and go for a marriage proposal from the air!

A SUPERSIZE proposal

Original and out of all proportion? ‘Supersize’, the small company started up by Toon Deben has a unique experience of how you can wow intended: with a proposal from the air. A what?!  Toon tells us how it works: “Supersize is actually a creative production agency which mainly focuses on getting specific brands or events on the radar. So for example a few years ago the world-famous Tomorrowland festival wanted to surprise its overseas visitors with a huge crop circle, which they could already see from the plane near Brussels airport.”

“But of course we are definitely happy to assist couples in love with big plans too.” laughs Toon enthusiastically.

The cupid beach printer

“Using our massive printers we can enter a specific message, such as “Will you marry me?”. A fantastic photo of the couple is also an option. This photo must have sufficient contrast for the optimum result. Once the test prints are done, the final printer settings are applied and the drawing appears slowly but surely…on the beach for example!”, Toon explains.

This self-created beach printer already worked for Toon himself. This is because he also asked his wife to marry him using a huge beach drawing of them together. But she didn’t know it yet… “My girlfriend and I had went to the coast for a few days. I had arranged in advance with my best friend, later my witness, that he would bring the beach printer to Knokke. I then sneaked out of my apartment, and started printing at six o’clock in the morning. Around half past seven I called my intended and asked her to come down to the beach. Here she saw the huge beach drawing, and I popped the question. The surprise was… huge!”,  beams Toon.

Your dream proposal immortalised

The couple will enjoy this spectacular proposal for a long time afterwards: “Afterwards the couple is sent the photos and films which were captured by the drone, explains Toon. “Postcards are also designed, which are sent afterwards, as an extra surprise for your betrothed. Of course, it is also possible to engage a photographer, who poses as a ‘random walker’. And if you would literally like to fly over the beach drawing, then we can arrange a helicopter flight.”

After rain… comes the yes-word!

But…what if it rains? “We can certainly print if it rains, but we try to avoid it. We keep a close eye on the weather forecast in advance, as well as the tide times. This is because we print 2 hours after full low tide; this is the ideal time. So timing is really important, but we always try to be as flexible as possible.”, reassures Toon.

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