Marriage proposal hotel

Marriage proposal at hotel: go for romance


Is there a romantic soul in you? Then a marriage proposal at a hotel is the thing for you! It is the ideal way to win the heart of your loved one. There are different ways to propose at a hotel. Read on and discover our best tips for a successful proposal!

How to choose the right hotel for your proposal?

Before you book a hotel, you will need to choose a destination. Maybe there is a country or city that you have fond memories of. Or a country that you have been dreaming of spending your vacation in for some time? Or perhaps the country of your beloved’s birth? No connection with a specific country, city or region? Then of course you have carte blanche and can choose any hotel. It’s that easy!

Call for help

Help from the hotel staff

It is a smart idea to inform the hotel staff about your proposal. Tell them that it is obviously top secret and they must not reveal anything to your partner until the moment suprême arrives. It is very convenient that you can enlist their help in decorating the room, the balcony or any other place you have in mind to do your proposal. You can also ask the restaurant staff to hide the engagement ring in the dessert – cheesy, oh yes – or to take pictures of your special moment. That way, you’ll still have a beautiful souvenir afterwards.

Help from friends and family

You can also seek the help of friends and family. And why not, ask them to stay at the hotel? That way, they can immediately join in the celebration as soon as your partner has said the magic three-letter word. Of course, only do this if your partner loves company and likes to be in the spotlight. Does your loved one prefer to keep it intimate? Then save this special moment in your life for the two of you! There is plenty of time afterwards to have a big engagement party for friends and family.

Help from professionals

Do you need a helping hand in organizing your wedding proposal at a hotel? Then enlist the help of an experienced wedding proposal planner. Hiring a photographer is also a good idea. It’s always nice to be able to reminisce about this moment through photos. And it’s also great fun to show them off to friends and family on your socials!

Special places for your marriage proposal in a hotel

Hotel room

Your hotel room is a fantastically romantic place to propose in any case. Decorate the bed with rose petals, chill a bottle of champagne, provide a box of chocolates, put on some nice music … Cliché, yes. But you will certainly put your loved one in a higher mood and create the right atmosphere for a positive response.

Balcony or terrace

What could be more romantic than the balcony or terrace to ask the most important question ever? The rustling of the wind in your hair, the beautiful view, the splashing of the water against the rocks in the bay, the sunset … We could go on and on. It is also the ideal setting to get down on one knee. Just as it should be according to the rules!


Perhaps the hotel where you are staying has a grand, imposing entrance hall. If so, it’s great fun to do your marriage proposal there, in the midst of other hotel guests and attendees. First, consider whether your loved one enjoys being in the spotlight or having prying eyes.


Why not a place where he or she doesn’t expect it like an elevator? Just make sure you have enough time to ask the question. So only do this when you have to take the elevator for at least a few floors. And then fingers crossed that no one has to get up right away and interrupt your moment. Although that can also provide the necessary hilarity!


Do you have your own private pool at your hotel? That is, of course, the ideal place for your marriage proposal! While your loved one is peacefully sipping his or her cocktail, you come swimming up to him or her and pop the question. The engagement ring will have to be brought out later, unless the ring box is waterproof!

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