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Do you want to ask your partner to marry you, but still looking to get creative? This article has been especially written for wine enthusiasts. You see, we had a chat with Pieter Fraeyman, sommelier at Hertog Jan in Bruges and Sommelier of the Year in 2018. He lists his ultimate marriage proposal ideas, for a wine with a very special finish …. 

The wine you had on your first date

“Wine connects people,” Pieter explains. “Wine brings people closer together, and evokes particular emotions. Wine embodies enjoyment, and its nose and taste often stays with you for a long time. You may well remember the wine you drank on your first date. If so, it would be very thoughtful to make your marriage proposal while drinking this wine again…”

Ring around the bottleneck

You could also use the actual bottle itself for your surprise.”After your dinner date has ordered their favourite bottle of wine at a restaurant, you could ask for the engagement ring to be beautifully presented around the bottleneck.  The sommelier will always present the bottle with its label facing both of you, only this time perhaps with an extra special ‘something’ dangling elegantly off it…”, smiles Pieter.

Personalised label or engraving on the bottle

Or: make your proclamation on the bottle! Pieter tells: “You can have your wine label personalised to your proposal, or have your romantic intentions engraved on your bottle. Make sure you give your fiancée a moment to take a closer look at ‘your’ bottle, to see that spontaneous smile appear! For instance, you could provide a personalised drawing or text – one that isn’t open to interpretation.”

Engagement ring around the stem of the wine glass

Would you rather do things a little differently, by using the wine glass instead of the bottle?  Pieter: “At home – or in a restaurant – you could drape the engagement ring around the stem of the wine glass (or ask for it to be done). Make sure you hang it elegantly and securely. Your partner won’t be able to believe their eyes, when raising or accepting their glass…”

Your very own wine

For those who prefer a more grandiose touch, Pieter has another original idea: “If you give yourself plenty of time, another option is to have your ‘own wine’ developed in consultation with a winemaker. For the wine lovers among us, this might just be the stellar idea. Bear in mind that you may have to purchase this wine in a slightly larger quantity than you are used to. Not to worry: in this case you’ll already have the wine ready to serve at your wedding!”

About Pieter Fraeyman

From an early age already, Pieter Fraeyman was bitten by the hospitality bug, and the world of wine in particular. Over the years he has proved himself a top sommelier, ending up at Hertog Jan in Bruges. Under the mentorship of Joachim Boudens and Guido Francque, he was able to perfect his passion there. In 2018, Pieter was named Sommelier of the Year by Foodprint.  

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