Does a marriage proposal at a music concert sound perfect to you? 5 tips!


Want to surprise your partner with a marriage proposal at a music concert? Spoiler: it’s not obvious! Annemie Vandeputte of the Well Well Well artists agency gives us her advice on marriage proposals that could possibly come about in collaboration with an artist.

Want to make an impact? Then you’ll need to know the right people!

Do you envision making a marriage proposal with impact; do you want to ask your partner to marry you at the next music concert you go to at the Sport Palace? If so, Annemie has to disappoint you: “Asking your partner to marry you at a concert venue is a very difficult thing to do. Really, you’d need to know one of the artists personally, or someone who works backstage. It would entail quite a bit of preparation, to slot your proposal into that day’s production schedule.”

A viable alternative: a private concert

A more realistic alternative: a “private concert” may be an option, with an artist or via their booking agency. Annemie: “What may be feasible is to try and get your favourite artist or band to appear at a private party you’ve invited your family and friends to. Book your favourite artist in secret – whilst keeping your partner in the dark. In any case, they’ll be incredibly surprised and delighted when the artist comes on! Will you go down on one knee during the private concert? Be sure to discuss in advance with the artist or their manager what your ideal proposal plan would entail. I’m sure the artist or manager can help choose the perfect moment, as well as select the most appropriate song.”

Go for a symbolic song

Which song from the artist’s repertoire would be the most appropriate when asking your partner to marry you is best decided by yourself, or in consultation with the artist if you prefer. Annemie advises: “Perhaps you have a special preference for a particular song by your favourite artist?. Ideally, of course, you’ll go down on one knee during “your” song! Make sure you check beforehand that this symbolic song will be included in the artist’s playlist during your private concert.”

Own (elements of your favourite) song

If the artist is up for it, you could also ask for elements of your love story to be incorporated into your favourite song. “You could pass on your names or certain details about your relationship to the artist, so they can adapt the lyrics of one of their hits to your own love story,” Annemie adds. “An entirely new song with a personal message for you two is another option. Often, the client first chats with the artist online to discuss what the song should be about. The artist then heads to their studio, to record the song. This way you’ll have your very own song by your favourite artist, to enjoy for ever more! There’s not many who could say that!”

What are the practical considerations?

Annemie thinks along proactively and practically: “Primarily it comes down to the budget you have in mind, and whether the artist is still available on your preferred date. Naturally, this all requires a good deal of preparation.  Bear in mind that artists may not be able to free up their day or evening to come and perform just one song; when you book an artist it will most likely have to be for a full evening.  But this will of course mean that after your beautiful proposal, you can continue enjoying the moment and maybe even dance together for a while, to your favourite artist’s fabulous music.”

About Annemie Vandeputte

Annemie Vandeputte is the founder of the Well Well Well booking agency. This agency manages artists and gigs. Well Well Well is happy to think along with you in making your event ‘a night to remember’ – including your engagement!

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