Horse proposal

A romantic proposal with horses, wouldn’t that be fun?


If you’re looking for extravagant proposal ideas, look no further than a proposal with horses.

When you plan a proposal with horses your are going to propose  to your partner incorporating the beautiful beings. Proposals are best when they’re personal, and whether your partner is an equine enthusiast known for their love of horses, or whether they’re just a sucker for the romantic and the fairy-tale, a horse proposal is a brilliant way of popping the question. Either way, it’s sure to make a huge impression!

Ideas for a romantic proposal with horses

A picturesque horseback ride with a picnic

Perhaps the most obvious idea for a proposal with horses– though no less amorous – is a horseback ride. Whilst it’s not advisable to pop the question whilst you’re saddled up due to the jostling, you could both go for a horseback ride during the sunset, perhaps, and then happen upon a clearing where you’ve already prepared (or had someone else prepare) a beautiful picnic setup. Then, once you’ve safely dismounted, you could pop the question, and then celebrate your new engagement status with the picnic whilst the horses graze around you (just remember to pack some apples!)

Surprise them whilst out on a ride

This idea is perfect if your partner is an equestrian and has their own horse, or regularly rides one at a stables. Whilst they’re out on a hack, you could intercept their route, and get down on one knee to pop the question! Just make sure that you’re not in the way of any incoming traffic…and maybe pick a spot where they can easily dismount to give you a hug and a kiss.

Or, another way to incorporate their ride into your proposal with horses plan is to line their route with signage to catch their eye. You could prepare rustic signs that spelled out the distance to different places that have significance in your relationship, or that said their name. Then, they could culminate in a sign saying “Will you marry me?”, where you could be eagerly awaiting their answer.

Propose at a horse trials or show

On the other end of the spectrum from a leisurely hack is a champion show jumping trial. If you have a day out as a spectator planned, proposing whilst there, surrounded by our equine friends, would be a dream come true for any horse lover.

Alternatively, is your partner competing in any trials or shows coming up? Off the back of their competition, whilst they’re riding that adrenaline high, you could get down on one knee and pop the question. For the ultimate impression, you could even ask the announcer to broadcast the good news over the tannoy. It would certainly be a day they’d never forget!

A romantic horse-drawn carriage

What about a horse proposal idea where you can just sit back and relax? Originally, horse-drawn carriages were commonly used in the same way that we use taxis in the present day – but there’s something much more romantic about a horse-drawn carriage than a black cab, don’t you think?!

This proposal method is perfect for any partners who love the idea of a fairytale romance. Make them feel like the royalty they are by chartering a horse-drawn carriage to take you around a park. (Why not look out for this if you’re planning to propose whilst on a trip, for example around Central Park in New York?)  Whilst enjoying the stunning scenery and the magical method, you can ask them for their hand in marriage.

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Creative ideas for a proposal with horses

Does your partner have horses at home, or at a stables nearby? Horses can be so much more than pets: through the good times and the bad, they often end up more like our best friends. If you know your paramour would be made up to have their best friend involved, here are some super creative ways to include them!

Changing the nameplate

This idea for a proposal with horses might be slightly more lowkey than some of the other suggestions, but that by no means makes it any less lovely. Make a convincing excuse to cover your absence, and then go down to see the prized pony. Here, you can swap out the nameplate on the harness for a customized one that says “Will you marry me?” Then, it’s just playing the waiting game for them to go and notice it – next time they go to see them, why not casually mention the nameplate, and ask them to double check it?

Braid the ring into your horse’s mane

If you had to pick the most beautiful element of a horse, you’d be pretty hard-pressed to choose, but we think a lot of people would say the mane. Shiny, flowing and beautiful, it’s one of the most majestic parts. Which is why we think it makes the perfect place to pose your proposal! Again, make a convincing excuse to cover your absence, and braid the ring into your horse’s mane; then, wait for the next time your partner goes out to the stables or paddock, and wait for them to find it!

So whether you’re going for an extravagant horse proposal or a more creative, low-key approach, we hope we’ve inspired your equine engagement plans.

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