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Everything you need to know about proposal gifts


What are proposal gifts, when do you buy them and what do you choose for your loved one? Our experts explain it all. Read more here!

What to buy as a proposal gift?

So, you’ve decided to pop the question. But now, you’ve got to decide how you’d like to do it! There can be so much information and advice swirling around surrounding engagements and proposals that it can be totally overwhelming, so we’ve distilled everything you need to know about proposal gifts into this simple guide. No matter whether you’re wondering what proposal gifts are and if you need to think of one; or you’ve decided you do want to look into proposal gifts but you don’t know what to get, we’ve got the answers for you.

What are proposal gifts?

Proposal gifts do exactly what they say on the tin: they’re gifts to be given as part of your proposal. They’re usually used in addition to an engagement ring, although some people may use them in place of one, if your partner wouldn’t want or wear one. Alternatively, if your partner would want to be part of their own ring selection process, but you want to surprise him or her with your proposal, giving a stunning proposal gift is also a really good way of retaining that symbolism. Essentially, it’s a special gift to commemorate the exciting occasion – as simple as that.

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Do you have to have one?

In short, the answer is: no! As with everything to do with proposal planning, proposal gifts are a matter of choice. If they fit in with your plan, and you’d like to, then that is great; but if they don’t, they’re not a requirement.

How to choose a proposal gift

Some proposal plans will already have the perfect opportunity for a proposal gift built into them; for example, if you are planning a winter proposal and want to pop the question while decorating the tree together, a personalized proposal bauble is a beautiful keepsake for an amazing moment. Or, maybe you’re planning to propose at an art gallery, where you’ve arranged for a portrait of both of you to be hung; this portrait would make a glorious gift, that you could proudly hang in your home forever.

If there’s no proposal gift that’s integral to your plans but you’d still like to get one, there’s a couple of things to consider. Firstly, just like the proposal itself, it should be something special, something extraordinary rather than everyday. And, like the engagement itself, it should be something long-lasting, that you can keep and smile at for many years to come.

Here are some of our favourite ideas for proposal gifts for your loved one (and hopefully soon to be fiancé/e!)

Gifts for her

If your partner loves flowers, why not get them some everlasting blooms as a proposal gift? Preserved flowers are an excellent way of buying a bouquet that will last forever; or, alternatively, you could buy a beautifully crafted origami rose to display proudly.

There are also lots of sentimental proposal gift ideas that are simple to execute but really impactful. If you’re proposing by organising a treasure hunt, perhaps, or maybe with a special scratch card, then why not prepare a special box frame to keep the clues or card in? Then you can hang it up for everyone to see when they come around to celebrate with you!

Gifts for him

If your partner is a coffee lover, or can’t go an hour without a fresh cup of tea, then why not get him a personalised mug as a proposal gift? Hide a secret message at the bottom of the mug so that when your partner gets to his final sip, he can see it and smile.

Alternatively, why not incorporate a proposal gift for him into his work outfits? If he wears suits to work, there’s lots of cute ways you can add a heartwarming memento. Engraved cufflinks can add a subtle sentiment to a suit, or alternatively, you could get a special label made, to sew into the cuff of his sleeve or the back of his tie, to ask him the question. Then, every time he wears that afterwards, the question – and you – will be with him.

Luxury proposal gifts

There’s also a multitude of ideas for luxury proposal gifts, if you want to go all out. Of course, other pieces of jewellery can make jaw-dropping proposal gifts, for example expensive necklaces, earrings or bracelets.

Or, why not celebrate with a vintage bottle of champagne? You might want to drink it on the day, or leave it for a special occasion in the future: either way, even when the liquid itself is gone, the bottle can be kept as a special memory.

Alternatively, you might want to gift your partner something handmade by an expert artisan. If you’re proposing outside, for example, and are staying out to stargaze, then a beautiful cashmere blanket with personalised embroidery could be the perfect memento to cherish forever more.

Really, when we’re talking about luxury proposal gifts, the only limit is your imagination (and budget!). If there’s something you’ve been waiting for a special occasion for, this is a great opportunity to make it happen.

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