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11 Proposal Gifts For Him: What to buy if you’re proposing to your boyfriend


If you’re reading this blog post, the chances are that you’re planning to propose to your boyfriend, and that you want to do so with a special present. Or, perhaps you’re planning to propose to your boyfriend and want a keepsake to mark the occasion. Well, we want to offer not only our huge congratulations – obviously! – but also our round up of the best proposal gifts for him, so you can stop your search, satisfied:

The best proposal gifts for him

…if he likes a bit of bling

Engagement rings for him

Thought engagement rings were just for women? Think again.

If your partner wears jewellery as part of his everyday attire, in particular maybe a thumb ring or a signet ring, then why not get him an engagement ring to add to the collection? Go with a solid, chunky band or a clear cut gemstone – whichever you think suits him best.

When considering the perfect proposal gifts for him, another item you could buy your partner is cufflinks. Similarly to other pieces of jewellery, cufflinks can be a very sentimental gift, and everytime they wear them they’ll add another layer of excitement onto their meaning. Buy personalised cufflinks like these from Man & Bear, or you could even propose with these OTAA “MR” cufflinks. Nestle them in a ringbox, get down on one knee, and ask your mister to become your Mr (a fun play on the idea of a ‘Miss’ becoming a ‘Mrs’).

Tie and lapel accessories

A lesser considered but extremely suave piece of kit – and therefore a strong consideration for the best proposal gifts for him – is a tie or lapel pin. These extra adornments are the epitome of class, and are again a lovely way to tie your proposal into your wedding day. We love Lee Renee for both of these – flower lapel pins for a whimsical look, or a super cool shark’s jawbone design for a grungier getup.

Alternatively, you could go for a tie bar, which is both pretty and practical. Plus, why not get it personalised? That way, you’ll be physically close to their heart, as well!

…if he’s always late

(No, we kid. A timepiece is one of the most wonderful proposal gifts for him regardless!)

A wristwatch

Whether it’s to wear everyday or only to bring out on special occasions (in which case, we recommend buying a winder), a wristwatch is an essential, making it a gorgeous gift idea.

A pocket watch

Alternatively, you could go one step further and purchase a pocket watch. He’ll feel dapper and debonair flipping it out of his waistcoat pocket on your wedding day!

…if he loves to travel

Personalised luggage

Be it for work or for pleasure, if your partner loves to travel, well-made luggage is an excellent present. It’ll last a lifetime, and be with them through so many of their journeys. For a decadent touch, you could get it monogrammed, or perhaps get personalised luggage tags to match.

Luxury leather documents wallet

If you’re looking for proposal gifts for him that can tie into how you pop the question, a luxury leather documents wallet ticks that box in style. You could plan a surprise trip and show him by presenting the itinerary in the wallet; or you could go full travel theme and fill it with cute, personalised tickets that hint at what you’re about to ask. You could even tie it in with a ring, as above – why not slip that in the wallet alongside the boarding pass?

…if he loves the finer things in life

(and of course he does! He’s got you, hasn’t he?!)

Decanter set

If he’s a man who knows his Beaujolais from his Borolo, then a sleek decanter set will be very well received. Crack it out for special occasions, or keep it on the sideboard: because everyday is extraordinary.

Whiskey glass and rocks

Or perhaps he prefers his drink short and smoky: with an e, or without an e. If he’s a whisk(e)y fan, a crystal whisky glass and a set of rocks would be the perfect proposal gifts for him. (Some would say they…rock!)

…if he’s sentimental

Maybe your partner is the man who has everything (and we repeat, he’s got you, hasn’t he?!) That doesn’t mean there aren’t any perfect proposal gifts for him. Why not get a present that’ll pull on his heartstrings?

Wallet inserts

Wallet inserts – sometimes known as wallet cards – are really lovely keepsakes, designed to slot into the owner’s wallet. Credit-card sized, they’re available in different materials including modern metal or more rustic, homespun wood, and can feature wording or photos. This is especially great for long-distance relationships, as it’s a great reminder that no matter the distance, you’ll always feel close to each other!

Personalised wall art

There are so many cool ways to incorporate your particular love story into a piece of super cool wall art you’ll want to display front and centre.

For example, if your husband-to-be is a huge music nerd, you could take inspiration from that: pick ‘your’ song, and commission artwork that transforms it into a soundwave or a typographic print.

If you’re looking for more ideas for proposal gifts for him, her or them, you can check out more of our ideas here.

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