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Northern Lights Proposal Planning: How to Plan An Out-Of-This-World Proposal for an Out-Of-This-World Partner


As far as adventurous engagement plans go, a Northern Lights proposal is pretty high up there (literally). If you want an out-of-this-world proposal for an out-of-this-world partner, then we can’t think of a better choice!

The Northern Lights – otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis – are a jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring lights display caused by activity on the sun’s surface. Magical curtains of colour and light dance across the sky in waves, and it truly is unlike anything you’ll have ever seen before.

The closer to the Arctic Circle you are, the better your chances of seeing them are, so you could incorporate a Northern Lights proposal into a holiday to Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, Canada, Norway, Sweden or Finland (to name a few). You might even be able to catch them in places like Scotland, if you’re lucky!

Why should you consider a Northern Lights proposal?

Though the word unique is often overused, the Northern Lights truly do offer an experience that is unparalleled. But why might you take this one step further and plan a Northern Lights proposal?

It’s unforgettable

Of course, the moment you got engaged will never be forgettable, because it’ll be one of the happiest moments of your life! However, this will only be compounded by a spectacular setting and stunning scenery.

The photos will be phenomenal

A Northern Lights proposal will take your #isaidyes photo to another level. Swirling pink, purple and green streaks dancing through the air behind and around you will make the perfect backdrop; and if you’re planning to get down on one knee, you’ll make a gorgeous silhouette.

It’s excellent inspiration if words don’t come easily to you

If you want to precede popping the question with some beautiful words about how much your partner means to you, but those words just aren’t coming, you can lean on the Northern Lights for inspiration. There’s plenty of material there about a smile that lights up the night sky, about them being out of this world, about how they make you glow…

How do you plan a Northern Lights proposal?

So, if you’ve decided on a Northern Lights proposal: what are the next steps? How do you plan for an Aurora Borealis engagement?

Pick the right time of year

The Northern Lights aren’t available to see all year round (though Auroras do occur throughout the year, they’re not always available to the human eye.) With this in mind, you need to make sure you pick the right time.

Generally, the Northern Lights are visible between September and early April. The less daylight hours, the more chance you’ve got of catching the Aurora Borealis; so mid-winter should be the peak of it all!

Decide your destination

Once you know when you’re going, the next step is to decide where you’re going for your Northern Lights proposal. There are lots of options, depending on what else you want to do whilst you’re there. As we mentioned above, the Aurora Borealis are best seen from near the Arctic Circle, so look at planning your trip for places like Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, Canada, Norway, Sweden or Finland.

Check the weather and the conditions

This is an item for your to-do list once you’re on the trip, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Being able to see the Northern Lights requires a number of different factors to be just so, such as cloud cover (there needs to be none). It’s worth checking these things before you leave, to make sure you stand a chance of seeing them. (According to Aurora Zone, it’s really hard to give an accurate guess as to whether you’ll see them until 2 hours before!)

Consider using a tour company

Proposals can be a tad stressful, to say the least – a potentially expensive ring, an definitely Proposals can be a tad stressful, to say the least – a potentially expensive ring, an definitely emotional question – so why not take some of the planning off your plate? There are plenty of companies who specialise in curating tours to see the Northern Lights. This means you won’t have to worry about the timing, the specific location, or having to transport yourselves there: they’ll organise it all for you, so that you can concentrate on popping the question.

Dress warm

If you imagined doing your Northern Lights proposal in a slinky dress, think again – it can get cold. Like, really cold! You don’t want your plans to be ruined by numb fingers, so wrap up warm in plenty of layers. (Of course, you might have to take your glove off to fit the ring on – but that’s worth it.)

Have patience

Though the optimum time to see the Northern Lights is generally between 9pm and 1am, in theoryThough the optimum time to see the Northern Lights is generally between 9pm and 1am, in theory it’s possible to see them at any point when it’s dark (Aurora Zone once saw them as late as 6am!) Either way, you should be prepared to factor in patience for your Northern Lights proposal plans. It’ll be worth the wait!

And, prepare a Plan B

We’re optimists, so we really hope you get to see the stunning display, and that your Northern Lights proposal goes smoothly. However, the same thing that makes them so magical makes them unpredictable too, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll definitely catch them. However, even if you don’t get to see the lights, it’s still an amazing experience!

It might be worth having a sneaky Plan B, just in case things don’t pan out. This might be returning another night (ask your tour operator if they have any policies or discounts on this), or booking into a lovely restaurant the next night, so that you can still knock their socks off.

If you’re thinking of a Northern Lights proposal or something similar, check out our list of adventurous proposal ideas here.

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