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No place like home! So what do you think about proposing at home?


Whether you want to pop the question whilst out and about, or whether you want to ask the question when you’re inside, one thing’s true of every proposal: you want to do it somewhere special. And where is more special than the home you share together? Proposing at home can be the ultimate in meaningful memory-making, as it symbolises everything you’re committing to together. Not just the one-off, once-in-a-lifetime moments, but also the everyday inbetweens: which are just as important, but that we’re lucky enough to have more than once.

But how do you plan a proposal at home? Here are some of our proposal at home ideas to get you thinking!

Proposing at home with breakfast in bed

Is there any nicer feeling than having a chilled out morning, and having breakfast brought to you whilst you’re still snuggled in bed? Well, maybe only one: being proposed to at the same time! Make your partner’s favourite breakfast, get the cafetiere (or fancy tea-ware) out, and bring it on a tray – with the ring nestled in your back pocket too.

Proposal Scavenger Hunt

If your partner loves solving puzzles, escape rooms and murder mysteries, then a scavenger hunt around your house could be the perfect idea if proposing at home is how you want to do it. Leave a trail of clues in different rooms, each leading onto the next, until you get to the final one – where you’ll be waiting, on one knee, to pop the question.

Games night proposal

Another idea for proposing at home is by doing it on games night. If you regularly play board games with each other, why not incorporate your proposal into one? You can either sneak it in when they go for a drink – think popping the ring on the board whilst you’re playing Cluedo so they see it when they return – or you could slip it in ahead of time, for example in a Community Chest or Chance card in Monopoly. Alternatively, there are companies who can customise board games for you; or maybe you’re feeling really adventurous, and fancy making your own from scratch!

Proposing over a romantic dinner

Thought romantic, lowlit dinners were reserved only for fancy restaurants and French films? Think again! Turning your home into a romantic eatery can be genuinely as easy as buying a load of candles and lighting them on and around the table. 

Remember: as we said in our article on where to propose, proposing at home doesn’t have to be low-key. So, why not go one step further, and hire a private chef to whip up a storm in the kitchen, whilst you stare lovingly into each other’s eyes in the flickering candlelight? It’s the perfect way to pop the question.

Do you want to propose in a top restaurant? Find here some tips!

Proposing at home during a movie night

Speaking of films, why not have a movie marathon with your paramour and pop the question during? If you have a favourite film franchise, clear your diaries for the day and snuggle up on the sofa to watch them together. Make sure to stock up on all of the popcorn, pick ‘n’ mix and cinema snacks; you could even look at hiring a projector, for the full big-screen experience. Then they can sit back and relax…that is, until you ask them to marry you, at which point they’ll probably jump up and squeal with excitement!

Recreate your first date

One of our favourite ways of proposing at home ideas is that of recreating your first date. Can you remember where you went, what you did? Did you watch a particular film, or a certain concert? Did you go to a gallery, which you could mock up in different rooms of your flat? Or did you go for a meal and drinks? Maybe the restaurant you ate at or bar you drank at does takeaway or make-at-home DIY kits? Then, when you propose, it can be a really beautiful full circle moment.

Photoshoot proposal at home

A lot of us have spent an increased amount of time at home during the pandemic, so the chances are you’ve spent some time making your home look the best it’s ever looked. This means proposing at home has never been a better idea, so why not use it as an excuse to book a photoshoot with a professional photographer. That way, you can capture the proposal, and your partner’s reaction, too!

Proposing at home with children (and pets!)

Of course, home isn’t just a place – it’s a feeling, too. A huge part of that is family, whether that’s with your own mini humans, fur babies, or both. Undoubtedly they’re a huge part of your life, so another idea is to make them a huge part of your proposal too. You could get your child(ren) tshirt(s) that read “Will you marry [your name]?”, ready to ask them to come into the room for a second, or you could attach a ringbox to your pet’s collar, before calling their name. For more ideas of proposal ideas involving your children, check out our blog post here.

Spell it out

One of the simplest but most effective if you want to try proposing at home is to use some decor to ask the question. If your partner goes out for a couple of hours, you have the perfect window to transform the room into a proposal paradise. You could get a banner reading “Will you marry me?”, or even eco-friendly balloons that spell it out. Of course, you can also get flowers, rose petals, and photos of your relationship to accompany them – it all adds to a super-romantic atmosphere. 

On the other hand – if you’re in the middle of a DIY project or a restoration, why not write it directly onto the walls? Scrawl over the unfinished walls, or even scribe it into some fresh cement (with the construction team’s permission and supervision, of course.) Not only is it a super romantic way of asking that reflects all the exciting things you’ve got coming up together, but it’s also a lovely way of leaving your love’s legacy for future residents.

Have any of these proposal at home ideas got the creative juices flowing? Here you can find even more inspiration.

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