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The marriage proposal for breakfast


Your better half likes to get up early and can relate to sayings like “The early bird catches the worm”? Then a marriage proposal for breakfast may be just the right choice to start the day freshly engaged afterwards.

A cosy breakfast in bed

For many people, having breakfast brought to their bedside is the epitome of luxury. Simply serve the first meal of the day on a beautifully decorated tray, along with fresh roses. Preferably on a special bed tray with two supports, balancing a regular tray with plates, glasses and cups in bed requires a masterful sense of balance and practice. Breakfast in bed together is a wonderful time to propose and put an engagement ring on your partner’s finger.

Choose the foods she or he particularly likes, be it freshly squeezed juice, a special jam, croissants from your favourite bakery. Salmon, caviar and champagne? Also a possibility, but not everyone likes to start the day with a heavy meal and alcohol, they prefer to choose foods that your loved one usually prefers at breakfast and prepare them lovingly.

A special breakfast at the breakfast table

Does the idea of crumbs in bed bother you? Instead of in bed, you can equally prepare a wonderful breakfast at the dining table, unlike a tray, you have more space and can offer a wider selection of dishes, decorate the table romantically.

If you’ve planned the proposal as a surprise, forgo any telltale details, focus on the actual breakfast, and keep the decorations low-key. Even in the early hours of the morning, the act of kneeling for the proposal should be there, which is an indispensable part of the actual marriage proposal for most couples, even in pajamas.

Tip for a creative twist: Get several plate bells, which are used in upscale restaurants to cover finished dishes before serving. Place the different elements of the breakfast on different plates and cover them. On an additional plate place the ring in a representative box, which they reveal last when covering.

An invitation to brunch

The term brunch comes from the combination of “breakfast” and “lunch,” meaning a late breakfast combined with an early lunch. Brunch originated around 1895 in England, shortly thereafter began its triumphal march around the world and is now widespread everywhere. It is even a fixed Sunday tradition in the military in Anglo-Saxon countries.

In German-speaking countries, it is traditionally taken between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.; in England, it is taken somewhat later, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. A good solution if your sweetheart likes to sleep longer and dislikes breakfast, but they prefer a late morning proposal.

In France, the country famous for its food and breakfast culture, then you won’t find the term. Instead of the somewhat unfortunate portmanteau word “brunch,” they speak of a “déjeuner dînatoire” there.

Book a table well in advance, the classic brunch in the form of a buffet is not offered in every restaurant and often only on weekends. The classic is brunch on Sunday. If you announce that you would like to propose during your visit, the maître d’hôtel can reserve a particularly beautiful table for you and have it decorated according to your wishes. The perfect backdrop for your proposal.

No matter which variant of the marriage proposal for breakfast you choose, there is probably no more beautiful way to start the day together. For real morning grouches and staunch late risers, there are wonderful alternatives, such as the marriage proposal at sunset, at the magic hour.

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