Valentine's Day proposal

Proposing on Valentine’s Day – yes or no?


Out of all the special occasions to pop the question, 2020 saw Valentine’s Day finally overtake Christmas Day as the most popular date in the calendar for proposals. And on the surface, a Valentine’s Day proposal does seem to be an excellent choice – the whole world is thinking about love, so why not cement your relationship with a proposal and a ring?

But these are also the very reasons why a proposal on Valentine’s Day might not be a good idea. The whole world is thinking about love, so your special day of asking your soulmate to marry you is guaranteed to be shared by many others. 

So is it a cheesy cliche or glorious declaration of romance? We have a look at both sides of the argument when it comes to a Valentine’s Day proposal…

The pros of proposing on Valentine’s Day

For many people, Valentine’s Day is a lovely date in the calendar to celebrate relationships and, despite its stereotypical elements, they will always mark the 14th February by doing something meaningful with their partner. If this is you, and as a couple you’ve always loved celebrating Valentine’s Day together, then it could definitely be a lovely, significant date for you to pop the question.

Is your partner a massive rom-com fan? A Valentine’s Day proposal will have you right up there with Mr Darcy, Mr Big and Noah Calhoun in the leading man stakes. Lovers of romantic comedies will be thrilled to be asked the big question on the biggest day of the year for romance, just like their favourite on-screen character. They won’t be able to resist the sheer romantic nature of a proposal on Valentine’s Day!

Another excellent reason for a Valentine’s Day proposal is because love really is all around on 14th February. People are thinking about, celebrating and bigging up romance, so using this loved-up mood to cement your relationship couldn’t be more perfect. Hearing about engagements always makes people happy, but one that’s created on Valentine’s Day is definitely going to make them smile!

The cons of a Valentine’s Day proposal

While it’s certainly true that 14th February is a popular and lovely day to propose, there are also several reasons why a Valentine’s Day proposal might not be the best day to pick.

Firstly, the day isn’t special. With so many other people proposing on Valentine’s Day, it’s not going to be anything unique. Pretty much any other date in the calendar – 27th November, 6th June, 17th September – will instantly be made special if you choose it for your proposal. Choose 14th February, however, and you will definitely be sharing your proposal-versary with quite a number of others.

A Valentine’s Day proposal is also very cliched. Red roses? Check. Fancy restaurant? Check. Down on one knee? Check. Your partner might feel that you’ve not put any effort in and you’ve just lazily picked the so-called ‘day of romance’ because you couldn’t think of anything better. 

The third thing to consider is that the props to your proposal – dinner out, flowers, your partner’s favourite sweet treats – could well be more expensive. Just as when you’re planning a wedding and things automatically increase at the mere mention of the w-word, restaurants, florists and hotels similarly hike their prices on V Day. Inwardly fuming at the cost of your hotel room will not set the right mood for proposing marriage!

Planning a perfect proposal on Valentine’s Day

If you do decide to go ahead with proposing on Valentine’s Day, there are definitely lots of ways you can make it memorable and magical without resorting to any tired and cliched ideas. 

When it comes to deciding the perfect location to pop the question, it doesn’t have to be any of the obvious choices like a restaurant or the beach at sunset. You could revisit the place of your first date and propose there, or go back to the spot where you first said your I love yous – even if it’s somewhere completely unromantic like a supermarket! 

Want to do something a bit different that isn’t specifically linked with Valentine’s Day? If your partner loves solving clues, you could set up a Valentine’s Day themed scavenger hunt, which has a ring as the final clue! You could take a hike somewhere with a great view, and present your loved one with a picnic, a bottle of Champagne and a proposal. Or wrap up warmly at night and propose under the stars.

Another option is to dial-down the whole Valentine’s Day vibe with a simple, low-key walk or coffee in your favourite cafe. This means your partner is less likely to suspect anything is happening, and it takes away any pressure – ideal if your loved one is more quiet and introverted, or wouldn’t appreciate a massive audience for such an important moment.

And, of course, if you need a little extra help to elevate your Valentine’s Day proposal above and beyond the usual, a proposal planner could help you to create something unique and amazing. Proposal planners can either work to bring your own ideas to glorious life, or come up with an idea that’s just so magical and special, your partner won’t be able to resist! 

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