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Marriage proposal help: enlist professionals and friends!


Are you eagerly looking forward to your marriage proposal? Finally being able to ask your partner the big question is an exciting moment in your life. So exciting, in fact, that for many people it brings on the inevitable stress and nerves. The ideal way to get rid of this is to call in help. Your marriage proposal will go a lot smoother and more relaxed this way. And admit it: what’s better than involving your friends, family or even your dog in this special moment? And you will also benefit from the help of professionals. Find out below which helplines you can call upon to make sure your proposal goes smoothly and your partner says ‘yes’!

Wedding proposal planner

Have you ever heard of a wedding proposal planner? Of course, we all know a wedding planner: someone who arranges your wedding party down to the last detail. Well, for what precedes a wedding – and most important of all: a proposal – you can also call upon someone’s help. And that person is a wedding proposal planner.

You may already have a vague, unresolved idea about your ideal proposal. But you want someone’s help to turn your wishes into reality. Someone to create your dream wedding proposal, so you don’t have to think about it too much. After all, you have to pop the question, and that’s more than exciting enough! Maybe you don’t have time to prepare something this big, or maybe you lack creativity. Enter … the marriage proposal planner! Such a person plans the most diverse, creative, romantic or adventurous proposals and can therefore certainly inspire you or suggest something unique. He or she will plan your ideal proposal from A to Z! Together you brainstorm about ideas and concepts. The planner will then get to work on the practical details: from the organization to the decoration of the setting. This way, your proposal will run without a hitch.

Dog or pet

What could be more ideal to let the stress of a marriage proposal slip away than the presence of your dog or pet? The pettiness of your favorite animal will create a more relaxed atmosphere, something you might really need during such an exciting moment! Moreover, your partner really won’t be able to say no when he or she is drowning in those sweet puppy eyes.

Friends and family

Do you like some spectators during your proposal? Then you can of course round up some friends and family members, cozy! You can also ask them to help you design your proposal. Or to dress up the place where you want to propose. Also use their help to lure your fiancé to the place where you will unsuspectingly surprise him or her with a real marriage proposal! Also, just talking can help you keep your nerves under control and take the stress out of asking the question.


If you are planning an original, adventurous, super romantic or marriage proposal abroad, you might like to have a beautiful souvenir of that special moment. For example, when you get down on one knee, hand over the engagement ring to your partner, or the moment you hug each other tightly or jump in the air with happiness! So be sure to hire a professional photographer in advance and create a memorable keepsake for later.

Engagement Ring

Do you need help choosing an engagement ring? If so, first of all, seek advice from your partner’s best friend, or a family member. Ask what he or she would definitely like or find important about a ring. Next, step into the jeweler’s shop and ask for advice from a true jewelry expert. Discuss your budget and what you expect for it next.

Help with marriage proposal: a good idea!

Are you a hyper-perfectionist? Then you obviously want to arrange your entire marriage proposal yourself down to the last detail. And that is perfectly possible. Would you rather leave the reins to someone else so that you can focus on asking the question? Then you would do well to enlist the help of experts or friends and family for your marriage proposal. Together you will ensure an unforgettable moment and the beginning of a bright future!

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