A marriage proposal during a spa day


Your partner can enjoy a day of relaxing and doing nothing. You would like to ask her to marry you, but you can’t figure out how… So why not combine the two? You can perfectly propose to your better half during a spa day. She won’t know what she’s experiencing! It may not sound easy to propose to your partner during a spa day. We understand that!  Also, keep in mind that this is not the cheapest option. We would love to help you make this special day come true!

The first thing to think about is how far you want to go with her marriage proposal during a spa day. You could send your loved one to a beautician and let her pamper her with a haircut, nail technician, and a lovely massage… And then take her to a restaurant for a nice dinner. At the restaurant, you can propose marriage in many ways (ring in the food, engage the waiter…). Or you can take her yourself to an accommodation spa or other similar place for an outing.

Enlist her best friend’s help

Enlist her best friend for help! Explain to her exactly what you would like to do. She can then invite your loved one to join you for a day at the spa. You see this as a friend’s deal, so you pay for the spa day. What exactly do they want to do that day, I would leave it to the ladies themselves. This will probably be massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, etc. After they have been sufficiently pampered, they can have a nice dinner out.

That’s when you suddenly appear! Of course, your partner doesn’t realize anything because she thinks she’s going for dinner with her best friend. To avoid leaving her best friend alone, you invite her friend to dine at the restaurant. When they arrive, her friend takes her to a separate room. There you are ready and have a delicious dinner. The whole room is decorated with a thousand rose petals and a beautifully set table with candles. You can also provide balloons that form the phrase: “Will you marry me?”. When she walks in, she will be in complete shock. What a great day that will end in a beautiful way!

Take your loved one on a wellness weekend by yourself

If you can really enjoy a spa day yourself, then make sure you have a relaxing weekend planned for both of you. Book an overnight stay at a spa that also has a hotel. That way, you don’t have to return home the same evening.

Contact the hotel in advance and explain your plans. By late evening, make sure they have decorated the hotel room with pink leaves, candles, and balloons. Why in the late evening? Well during the day you enjoy the facilities made available to you. Along with a glass of champagne. This allows you to unwind a little as it is normal to be stressed on the day you are going to propose to your partner. After a nice day of relaxing, you take your beloved to the restaurant. At the restaurant, you tell her how much you love her. You make sure she is on a pink cloud. What follows is the highlight of your weekend: asking her to marry you! When you get a signal from a hotel employee, you spring into action. You take your beloved to your hotel room. Let her open the door and enter first. She will look around in surprise and have a smile on her face. When she turns around, she will see her lover get down on 1 knee (that would be you). She won’t know what she sees!

We hope you now have a better idea of how you would like to propose to your beloved! Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to consider her, that way you won’t go wrong. Would you like to discover more ideas for the perfect marriage proposal? Then be sure to check out our blog platform Ready To Ask!

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