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What does an engagement ring cost?


What does an engagement ring cost? Perhaps one of the most important questions people ask themselves when they want to propose to their partner. Because of course you want the whole picture to be right: the location, the time, your outfit as well as the ring. You want to do everything you can to get your loved one to say the magic two-letter word. But that whole picture comes at a price. When buying an engagement ring, don’t take it lightly and take note of the tips below.

What is your personal budget?

An engagement ring is a sign of your love. What such a ring may cost depends on your budget. You are not required to spend a fixed, predetermined amount on an engagement ring. Often your monthly net income is taken as the budget. But if you happen to have a generous salary, and find it overpowering to spend your entire net income on an engagement ring, then of course you are under no obligation to do so.

What is spent on an engagement ring?

The prices of engagement rings can fluctuate from 100 euros to several thousands or even millions of euros. The price spent on an engagement ring varies greatly from country to country or continent to continent. For example, significantly more money is spent on an engagement ring in America than in Europe. The average price of an engagement ring is around 1,000 to 2,000 euros in Belgium and its neighbouring countries. Our advice is to definitely not spend too little on an engagement ring. First and foremost, the ring symbolizes your love, everyone agrees on that. However, you obviously don’t want to make your partner feel like you’re undervaluing him or her by giving an inferior ring during your proposal.

What determines the price of an engagement ring?

The price is mainly determined by the precious metal of the ring and the gemstone. The carat also plays a role. The carat refers to the weight of the gemstone and determines its size. In addition, do you go for a standard engagement ring or do you want exclusive customization? The latter, of course, has its price tag. Assume that different jewellers often charge completely different prices for similar rings. So be sure to take your time comparing prices at jewellers and online. Online, you can often save money, too, without sacrificing quality. That’s because online jewellers often buy their diamonds directly from the source, without a middleman. Plus, you have a much larger selection online than in local stores.

Emotional value

The cost price of an engagement ring is important. But know that price is not THE most important thing. Your partner will place great emotional value on the engagement ring he or she receives. It is undoubtedly the most important piece of jewellery he or she will ever own. It symbolizes your love and proves that you want to spend your whole life together. Moreover, your partner will be very proud to show off his or her engagement ring to friends, acquaintances or family members every time. So, in addition to the price, the emotional value of an engagement ring is very important.

What does an engagement ring cost?: price categories

Engagement rings can be classified into different price categories. We recommend not buying an engagement ring under 500 euros, to still be sure to offer your loved one a quality ring.

  • Engagement rings from 500 to 2,000 euros: this is the minimum price range for engagement rings with one central, small diamond or colour stone. You can choose from engagement rings in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum.
  • Engagement rings from 2,000 to 5,000 euros: this is the average price range for engagement rings with an average diamond size or colour stone, with or without side diamonds. You can choose from engagement rings in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Customization is also possible in this category.
  • Engagement rings from €5,000: in this price range, you have a choice of more exclusive jewellery and customization. Could it be a little more striking? Then choose an engagement ring with several large diamonds or a combination of gemstones, such as a white diamond and a blue sapphire.

What an engagement ring costs, therefore, varies greatly and what you spend on it is entirely up to you! Your loved one will be moved by the gesture and by your proposal anyway. So don’t feel obligated to buy the very most expensive one to make your partner happy. Have fun shopping!

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