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Marriage proposal while traveling? 5 tips from the travel expert!


Are you real travel lovers? Then proposing to your partner abroad might be just the thing for you. Inge Van Lysebeth from travel agency Amazing Destinations was happy to talk to us and gives us her tips for a successful marriage proposal abroad.

Tip 1: Start planning ahead of time

For a marriage proposal abroad with a ‘wow’ effect, it is best to start all the preparations in time. Inge comments: “Depending on how far you wish to travel, I would definitely recommend starting to plan your trip well in advance. Six to four months in advance you have a lot more choice in terms of destinations, great hotels and fun activities. The prices are also often better than expected.”

Tip 2: Consider Europe

Do you already know where you want to go, or are you still open to ideas as to a destination? Don’t look too far: “Unless you’ve already planned a long trip, you don’t have to go too far for a memorable marriage proposal abroad. Often a short break in Europe is already very beautiful and surprising, and at the right time of the year also very pleasant in terms of crowds and temperature. Think of Spain, Italy, Greece, … Choose a nice city where you can stay for three or four days and where there is a lot to do, so you can enjoy your time together intensely. Europe also has a lot of nice places to offer in spring and autumn that can quickly become too hot or crowded in the summer; think for example of Capri, Mykonos, Kos or Ibiza. “

Tip 3: Engagement ring in your carry-on luggage

You can go as grand or as minimalist in the setup of your marriage proposal abroad as you like, but one thing you will have in common with your “fellow proposers” is that you need to smuggle your engagement ring along unnoticed, during your outward journey! Inge recommends: “I would never hide the engagement ring in the luggage that goes into the airspace with you. As a travel agent, we know enough travelers whose suitcases were broken into or were lost in transit. Your carry-on luggage is still the safest place, in my opinion. For example, hide the ring in a plastic bag, and then put the bag in a sock. If your partner should unexpectedly rummage through your suitcase, she or he will have a pair of socks in her/his hand…. not a ring!”, Inge laughs.

Tip 4: Build up the tension

Don’t surprise your partner on the first day of your vacation with your marriage proposal, but slowly build up to the highlight of your trip: your romantic marriage proposal. Inge: “Take a good rest upon arrival, and build up your experience over the next few days by doing some fun, planned activities. On day three, for example, you could plan a romantic setting for a lovely picnic with the two of you somewhere in nature – where you will eventually propose to your partner. After your proposal, plan at least one more day to catch your breath and enjoy your happy prospects together, before flying back to Belgium.”

Tip 5: Think outside the box

Inge knows so many nice places, in and outside of Europe, that she wholeheartedly recommends all the would-be proposers to think outside of the known concepts: “Don’t be afraid to think out-of-the-box and choose an original destination! For example, a trip to Lapland in a winter setting can also be super romantic.”

About Inge Van Lysebeth

Inge is the owner and manager of travel agency Amazing Destinations since 1990. She organizes the most beautiful trips in exclusive destinations. Inge has seen the whole world; trekking through the jungle, spotting the ‘Big 5’ or going on an expedition cruise makes her infinitely enthusiastic. With offices in Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp and Hamme, Amazing Destinations consists of a motivated team that loves nothing more than providing you with ‘Memories for Life’. They would love to help you with the planning of your marriage proposal abroad!

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