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Why hire a proposal planner? 8 reasons you might want a proposal planner


As you hopefully have seen by now, our blog is full of proposal planning advice to make it the best experience ever for both you and your partner; but what if you don’t want to do it all by yourself? In that case, you should definitely consider hiring a proposal planner.

But what is a proposal planner?, we hear you ask. Today’s blog is just for you.

What is a proposal planner? 

A proposal planner is an expert planner who specialises in planning proposals (a bit like a wedding planner, but for the bit before!) Whether you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you want, or whether you’ve absolutely no idea where to begin, a proposal planner is an ace person to have on your team.

So, the next question is: why hire a proposal planner?

Why hire a proposal planner?

The old saying a problem shared is a problem halved may be clichéd, but it’s true: a helping hand can make all the difference. This is why it’s the first, and probably most important, answer to the question ‘Why hire a proposal planner’: because they can really help. 

Simply put, proposal planning can be amazing, but it can also become a bit overwhelming. And, the chances are, you can’t share what you’re feeling with the person you’d usually share with because, well, you want to surprise them. Hiring a proposal planner means you can completely relax, knowing that it’s in the safe hands of a professional. That way, you can stay more present, and enjoy the moment for what it is: a really exciting, emotional, once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

Proposal planners remove stress in the run-up

They’re full of inspiration and ideas

The likelihood is you don’t have loads of practice in planning a wedding proposal; but that’s ok, because proposal planners do. Their experience and expertise means they’ll have plenty of creative suggestions that will help make you pop the question in the most unforgettable way possible.

But, they can also help you refine your plans

Or, maybe you’re in the opposite position: you have so many ideas that you don’t know which one to go with. A proposal planner doesn’t just introduce ideas; they can also help refine the ones you already have, help you move beyond decision paralysis and settle on the perfect idea your partner is bound to love. It’s not a proposal planner’s job to come in out of the blue and tell you what you should do. Instead, it’s their job to work with you to create a bespoke experience that’s perfect for you and your partner.

They can suggest the perfect suppliers

You may have some suppliers in mind to bring your proposal plans to life. But, if you don’t, another answer to the question ‘Why hire a proposal planner?’ is because they can introduce you to trusted, talented suppliers who can bring your plans to life seamlessly.

Whether you’ve got loads of moving parts or one minimal element you need to nail for maximum impact, using a proposal planner also means using their little black book full of people you can totally trust with such an important task.

They help you stick to your budget

Part of a proposal planner’s job is to help you stick to your budget. Not only will they help you get the best value for your money, but they’ll also help you keep track of how much you’ve spent, making sure you get the proposal you deserve, with a price tag you can manage.

Proposal planners remove stress on the day, too

The answer to ‘why hire a proposal planner’ isn’t just focused on the run-up to the day; they also do so much on the day, too.

They’ll take care of the logistics and details

…because you’ve got other things to focus on! Namely, you know, popping the question. As the moment draws closer and closer, it’s totally natural to feel nervous; and it helps to not have to worry about logistics, timings and details on top of that.

So you don’t have to worry about looking suspicious

No shifty side glances, no having to run out of the restaurant to check on things, no continually checking your watch or phone – you don’t have to worry about arousing any suspicion, and can be fully focused on the present.

And you don’t have to make your partners’ friends lie, either!

If your plans require some coordination, and you don’t have a proposal planner, you might need to call in some extra help. Often, people ask a friend to work in cahoots to keep their partner occupied, or make sure they’re at a specific place at a specific time. But this can sometimes lead the friend to feel guilty for lying, or act weird because they’re stressed by the pressure. Why hire a proposal planner? So you can avoid all of that.

Proposal planners can act as your local lookout

Of course, your proposal will always be special; no matter where it is. (And if you’re looking for suggestions for where to do it, you can check out our recommendations here.) But if you’re planning to do it on a trip somewhere, whether it’s a different city or a whole different country, you might want someone on the ground who can help you. Not only will they know the best spots and suppliers, but they’ll also help you with any local customs, laws or traditions that you might not otherwise have known about.

So, there you have it: why hire a proposal planner and what they can do. What are your plans? Are you looking to hire help, or are you planning on DIYing it, following our awesome blog tips? Good luck, whatever you choose!

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