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These are the most succesful work proposal ideas


Work proposal ideas are definitely unusual ways to pop the question, but there are lots of advantages to a work proposal. We run down the what, why and how to craft the perfect work proposal that’s sure to result in a resounding yes!

Workplace proposal ideas: Why should you propose at work?

Planning any marriage proposal means using unique elements from your relationship, and therefore a work proposal could be absolutely spot on for you. For example, it might be that the two of you met at work, in which case it’s a lovely way to tie your relationship together and reference your beginnings. Some people have incredibly strong bonds with their coworkers, especially in smaller companies or workplaces, so proposing at your partner’s workplace can involve people who genuinely care about them.

If your partner owns their own company, proposing at work could also be a wonderful way to acknowledge their hard work and dedication to their job and celebrate their success in the world of work. You can show that you support their dreams and ambitions, and will continue to do so once you’re married.

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Planning a work proposal

The first thing to consider when you’re thinking about a work proposal is whether your partner loves their job. A proposal is one of the most important moments in anyone’s life, so don’t choose to do it in a place that your partner is ambivalent about, or has any negative associations with.

Some jobs will naturally work better than others for a work proposal. “My wife Rachel is a playwright, so I decided to propose on the opening night of a huge youth theatre play she’d written,” explains Andrew Barnett Jones from London. “There were about 150 cast, crew and artistic team all squeezed into a rehearsal room, and I stood up in front of them with my question.” Cue a lot of very excited teenagers and adults!

If your partner has a job somewhere like a restaurant or a shop then this could also work well for a proposal, as there may be less formality than an office. Just be aware that members of the public are also likely to be around during your work proposal, and factor in whether this is something your partner would be comfortable with. After all, those who favour a more private proposal won’t enjoy sharing this life-changing moment with random people.

It’s also extremely important that you research the office or workplace culture and whether it’s appropriate for you to stage your work proposal there. You don’t want to embarrass your partner or cause them future problems with their boss or coworkers. Proposals are a lovely, romantic gesture, but they may not be viewed like that by everyone.

Work proposal ideas: the logistics of setting it up

For work proposal ideas, you’re going to have to enlist the help of your partner’s coworkers, as otherwise you’ll fail at the first hurdle – being able to enter their workplace! You don’t need to tell everyone in the company, but you will need a confidante who can help you sort out the logistics, get you access and ensure your partner is where you need them to be.

In workplaces such as schools or universities where your partner will be in front of a group of others, you can use this to your advantage and involve the audience in your proposal, just as Andrew did. If time and planning allows it then you could warn them that it’s about to happen and get them to be a part of it. This could work really well with students, as they’re sure to be enthusiastic about such a fun event.

To take the pressure off from proposing in your partner’s actual workplace, you could also stage the proposal just outside so it’s in a more public space. This is a good way to think big – having a flash mob perform outside the window would certainly make a proposal to remember! Or something more simple but no less effective would be hanging a banner from the building opposite, so your partner gets a lovely surprise when they look out of the window.

The one thing to remember is that no matter how you set up your workplace proposal, you can be sure that it’s going to be a very welcome distraction from the 9 to 5!

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