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Fond of chocolate? A proposal to savor!


Would you like to ask your partner to marry you soon? Congratulations! Does he or she happen to be completely fond of chocolate? Joost Arijs, named best chocolatier in Flanders in 2019 by Gault & Millau, gives us advice about how chocolate can play a creative role during your marriage proposal.

Hollow space for the engagement ring

Joost’s most special work for a marriage proposal was one for which he made a hollow chocolate ‘heart’. He outlines, “I created a heart made of chocolate that’s about ten centimeters high and five centimeters deep and made sure the center was hollow. In this space the engagement ring could be safely hidden. I can guarantee you that the lady in question was wonderfully stunned when she found the ring in the chocolate heart!”. Joost adds, “Keeping chocolate at an appropriate temperature is not a simple thing to do when you have such plans. Chocolate should be neither too hot nor too cold. At too high a temperature the chocolate can melt, and at too low a temperature you have a greater chance of breaking the chocolate. Chocolate is best kept cool and served immediately.”. He also cautions, “If you incorporate a ring or a small letter into something made of chocolate, you should always make sure that there is no chance of choking.”

Delicious letters with a delightful message

Would you like to surprise your partner with your Big Question in chocolate? Then Joost can deliver you the words “Will you marry me?” in chocolate – in subtle small letters, or in very large letters. Small letters might fit your message perfectly on the dessert plate at your favorite restaurant, where the chef is your partner in crime. Large letters can be placed prominently in his or her view – bet your partner will be amazed?

About Joost Arijs

Perfection and innovation are the keywords of renowned pastry chef and chocolatier Joost Arijs. Together with his girlfriend, Joost has been running the chocolate patisserie Joost Arijs in Vlaanderenstraat, Ghent, for over ten years. In 2013, Joost was named best pastry chef in the country by Gault & Millau, and in 2019 best chocolatier in Flanders. His work is characterized by the quality and purity of his ingredients, and by the combination of traditional and more daring flavors.

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