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Enchanting places for your marriage proposal in Hasselt


Would you like to ask your partner to marry you in Hasselt, Limburg? This hip city bursts with fun hotspots that lend themselves to this. We listed for you the five favorite places to propose from DJ Tom Demyttenaere, one of Belgium’s most renowned wedding deejays!

Five beautiful places in Hasselt for a marriage proposal according to DJ Tom:

1. The Japanese Garden

Do you prefer a more quiet, intimate approach? Tom gives a tip: “If you’re looking for a quiet spot near the city center of Hasselt, the Japanese Garden is the place to go. Choose a bench to listen to the waterfalls together, spot some koi fish, have a picnic or walk around and enjoy the view. Especially in the summer, when the trees are blossoming, the Japanese Garden is a beautiful setting to propose to your partner.”

2. Kadettensteegje

“Hasselt has many hidden alleys and squares. Kadettensteegje is one of those well-kept secrets. When you walk down this alley, you unexpectedly end up in a courtyard garden. It is an oasis of greenery, tranquility and art. For me, this is the most beautiful green spot in the city. Organize a romantic picnic with a glass of champagne, and she or he is guaranteed to say “Yes!” to your proposal.”, indicates Tom.

3. Sky Lounge

To plan a marriage proposal at a location with a beautiful panoramic view, you don’t have to travel to New York either. Tom: “The Sky Lounge in Hasselt is the highest spot in town. It’s a stylish bar where you have a beautiful view over Hasselt’s skyline. In good weather, you can look very far into the city. While your partner enjoys the view you can secretly fish your engagement ring out of your pocket…. “.

4. Quartier Bleu

“Quartier Bleu, also called ‘the blue boulevard’ these days, is pretty much Hasselt’s Saint-Tropez. It is a small harbor where you have several stores, restaurants and cafes along the water. When you walk around this area you feel like you’re somewhere in the south of France or Italy. Take your partner on a romantic walk along the quay, and surprise her or him with your proposal at this iconic spot. Quartier Bleu has it all,” says Tom.

5. Pukkelpop

Whoever says Hasselt, says Pukkelpop. As a DJ, Tom also likes to put this festival on his list: “Music has a magical power to connect people, evokes memories and creates unforgettable moments. Every year at Pukkelpop there is a Ferris wheel; a lot of marriage proposals have already taken place here! I also remember a proposal that once took place by someone flying a small plane with a “Will you marry me?” banner over the festival meadow. Regardless of how grand you want it to be, Pukkelpop offers all the possibilities for an unforgettable marriage proposal…”

Five times ‘celebrating in Hasselt’!

Congratulations, you are engaged! Hasselt has several places where you can celebrate your huge news! Do you prefer to enjoy the moment intimately with just the two of you, or would you rather invite some friends and family for your celebration moment? Everything is possible. Tom Demyttenaere gives you the following culinary hotspots of Hasselt.


“A cosy restaurant with a nice terrace in the city? Glenn and Nicole, owners of ROSCH, know how to get things done. Time after time a true explosion of flavors in your mouth. The combination of flavors is excellent, the dishes are finished. After your marriage proposal you’ll certainly be in a euphoric mood”, says Tom.

2. Ogst

Tom: “You can also choose to celebrate the wonderful news of your engagement in Ogst. The chef mainly goes back to nature and uses many forgotten vegetables in his dishes. You certainly won’t be disappointed, since this restaurant already has one Michelin star to its name.”

3. Osteria Moretti

Another favorite from Tom: “For a unique Italian experience in the heart of Hasselt, Osteria Moretti is the place to go. A nice glass of wine, anti-pasti, other home-made specialties… With a cozy group of friends, this is definitely the right place to celebrate your engagement.”

4. L’Avenida

Brand new, but tested by Tom and fully approved: “L’Avenida recently opened its doors and has a unique concept. You pay to be there for two hours, and sit at an assembly line where all the refined dishes pass by. The interior is characterized by a large tree that floats above you while you are eating. If you would like to end your evening with a romantic movie, just turn around the corner: there you will find the movie theaters of Kinepolis.”

5. Bocca Nera

“Last but not least: Bocca Nera. Bocca Nera is a hip newcomer among the restaurants with a great interior in the heart of Hasselt, where you can dine in an informal setting. The chef serves dishes with an Italian and Mediterranean touch. If you want to celebrate your engagement with some friends or family, be sure to choose the sharing menu, which is highly recommended”, says Tom.

About DJ Tom Demyttenaere

With over 25 years of experience, excellent DJ-skills and an outstanding choice of tracks, DJ Tom is one of the best all-round party DJ’s in Belgium. He knows how to mix different genres seamlessly, making him the perfect DJ for weddings, corporate events and international parties and festivals. His ability to work the audience, to sense them and know what to play at the right time makes every night unforgettable.

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