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6 Winery Proposal Ideas for A Luxurious, Extravagant Proposal They’ll Love


When you’re planning your ideal winery proposal, there are certain non-negotiables. You want it to be romantic. You want it to be memorable. You might also want it to be extravagant: a once-in-a-lifetime question deserves a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A winery proposal ticks all of these boxes, and more, so if you haven’t considered one before today you definitely should. In this article you will find the most amazing winery proposal ideas!

What is a winery proposal?

Plain and simple, a winery proposal is a proposal that takes place at a winery, or a vineyard. (A winery is where the wine is produced; a vineyard is where the grapes are grown. Some places are both; and either one is just as impressive as the other!) They’re a perfect location for a luxury proposal as they’re like a little private slice of heaven to look at, and there’s delicious wine quite literally everywhere you look. You can pop the question, and then pop the bubbly!

Why is a winery proposal a good idea?

The most obvious reason to choose a winery proposal, is of course: the wine! If your partner appreciates the finer things in life, and in particular is an oenophile partial to a glass of the good stuff, then a winery or vineyard is the perfect setting.

However, that’s not all they have to offer. The location itself is more often than not totally drop-dead gorgeous, whether it’s rows and rows of verdant grapevines or a sleek, state-of-the-art view of the process itself. It’s also not your everyday destination, making it appropriately special for the exciting occasion.

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Winery proposal ideas

So, now you’re sold on the winery proposal idea or a vineyard – how do you pull it off? Here’s a few romantic winery proposal ideas for you.

Book a tour

Most, if not all, wineries and vineyards offer tours where you’re shown around the fascinating facilities — and given the chance to try the fare, of course! We recommend choosing a private tour option, so that you have the space totally to yourself. With that in mind, you can then work with the venue to prepare a surprise picnic location in the middle of the vineyard, ready and waiting with a romantic feast for the two of you.

Decorate the table with decadent florals, frames of the two of you, and special memorabilia that has significance for you. Then, when you come to it on the tour, turn to your paramour and get down on one knee. They’ll be so overwhelmed, and so overjoyed!

…or a private dining package

Another option offered by the majority of wineries and vineyards is a private dining package. Typically, this will feature a luxurious meal prepared especially for you by their executive chef, and paired with the wines they produce. Not only can this be a picture-perfect extravagant proposal plan, but there’s definitely scope for some clever, romantic wordplay about being the perfect match here too…

A hot air balloon trip

Our favourite winery proposal idea is this one. Enjoy the beauty of a vineyard is to see it by hot air balloon. Thanks to the nature of growing the grapes, most vineyards and wineries are in stunning, luscious locations, which look even better from the air. You could even take a bottle of the wine from the vineyard into the basket with you: the perfect way to celebrate.

A custom engraved wine bottle

Obviously, one of the best bits of a winery proposal is the wine, so why not incorporate the bottle into your winery proposal ideas? Ask the team at the vineyard to prepare a bottle especially with a message engraved, and then they can present it to your paramour during the tour as if nothing is amiss. The ultimate surprise!

A custom wine bottle label

Alternatively, you could do this with a custom label for the bottle. Why not commission a custom illustration from an artist for the label especially, and name it after an inside joke that you share?

This can work especially well when your tour guide builds up a bit of a fuss, perhaps even explaining that there’s a brand new vintage that they want to share with the group, and taking a moment to go off to retrieve it…

Placing the ring around the glass stem

If you’d prefer to get creative with the glasses instead of the bottles, why not ask the team if they can attach the ring to the glass’ stem? Package it in a beautiful pouch, and then tie it to the stem. When your partner is presented with their glass, you can ask them what it is – and then, you can ask the question.

How to incorporate your winery proposal into your wedding

Now, we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves too much, but if you do choose a winery proposal, it’s a really lovely idea to incorporate it into your eventual wedding day. You could keep the bottle you used to propose with, and use it as a centrepiece, surrounded by flowers and with a candlestick in it; or as a guestbook, where people can sign their well wishes. And, of course, you could have the same wine served at your wedding, to share the love!

We love everything about these winery proposal ideas. They’re just one of our many extravagant proposal ideas, which you can check out here.

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