Decoration for a marriage proposal


When dining in a fine restaurant, in addition to the quality of the ingredients, special attention is paid to the visual appearance of the food. The phrase “a feast for the eyes” is not used without reason. The same applies to a marriage proposal, for regardless of the stunning engagement ring, creating the appropriate ambience and romantic decoration will make it all more beautiful.

Decoration for a marriage proposal at home

The marriage proposal within your own four walls is one of the most popular options when getting engaged, as here you can enjoy this romantic moment completely uninterrupted, within an intimate setting. According to statistics, over 70% of all women and men in Germany, Austria and Switzerland wish for a romantic and emotional proposal, planned as a surprise. The location is less important to those on the receiving end than the thoughtful planning of the proposal.

The great advantage of a proposal in your own home: you can design the marriage proposal decoration entirely according to your own personal preferences, and moreover, costs are kept within budget. In terms of floral decoration, pink roses are a classic choice, however, red roses are also popular. Whether you simply want to use a beautiful bouquet as a decorative feature, create a heart of rose petals, or perhaps you prefer to scatter rose petals at random, all of these options will be very romantic. With rose petals, you can also form lettering on the floor without a great deal of effort, for example, “Marry me” or “Be my wife”.

You can create the right mood with subdued lighting – candles or tea lights are perfect here. The latter are very easy to arrange into a specific shape, such as a heart or in the form of an engagement ring – let your imagination run wild. If candles and open fire are too precarious for you, small LED candles with warm white light are an alternative that can imitate the flickering of a real candle, sometimes very effectively indeed.

You want to make a more playful marriage proposal and the decoration should be a little more lavish? Then red balloons, for example, in the shape of a heart, are an absolute must. Filled with helium, these balloons rise to the ceiling and can be skilfully arranged. Luminous decorations, from the classic heart to various lettering, has also enjoyed increasing popularity for several years.

Important: Decorate the room when your loved one is not at home, prepare the food if planned, and do not forget to have the ring ready to hand. As soon as your special someone sees the decoration, it should very quickly become clear to him or her what you are planning. For a surprise proposal, a decoration that reveals what is coming in advance is not necessarily a bad idea.

Choose the time for the proposal wisely, lighting decorations of various kinds are not particularly visible during the day, but create an all the more romantic mood in the evening hours.

Decoration for a marriage proposal in a restaurant

The decoration for a marriage proposal in a good restaurant must be arranged in advance, combined with a table reservation. Restaurants are often happy to provide suggestions, as many restaurateurs know exactly how to create the right ambience for a successful proposal. Again, flowers and candles, perfectly arranged, are a tried and tested option for classic and stylish decoration for your big day.

Professional marriage proposal decoration

If you are planning a marriage proposal while on holiday, on the beach or a more unusual location, organising the decorations will require additional effort. Fresh flowers, which at home can be found in any florist as a matter of course, are more difficult to organise, for example in southern countries or at a snowy mountain hut. Allow plenty of time when you get there to find out what options are available to you or who can help you prepare.

This is where the so-called “proposal planners” come into play, who, much like wedding planners, will take control of the entire organisation of your proposal or provide you with tailored assistance. Marriage proposal planners know exactly what can be organised and where, and they often have good relationships with local service providers and companies, especially for a more elaborate proposal – the professional will take a lot of work off your hands. The ideal solution for those who want to avoid the stress of preparations and who want a perfectly planned proposal, down to the last detail.

Many elements for more extensive decoration can also be rented, such as huge glowing hearts, canopies for an outdoor proposal, rose arches, banners or red carpets. For this you can contact specialist stores for wedding and engagement supplies, – a quick look in the local classifieds will often help you to find the right provider.

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