Your wedding proposal with a flash mob? 6 tips!


Want to propose to your partner with a flash mob? What a super fun idea! We asked Liza Heirman, an all-round choreographer specializing in opening dances, how best to approach your flash mob proposal. Read on for her ultimate flashmob tips!

Liza launches: “A ‘flash mob’ is a surprise dance you organize with as many people as possible. Imagine: suddenly someone starts dancing. Two more people join in with the same dance steps – and then new people keep dancing until everyone involved in the surprise joins in. As the organizer, you can be the first to start dancing or deliberately join in later to increase the surprise effect. When the song ends, you could get down on your knee and bring out your engagement ring…”

  • The bigger, the better

Liza’s first tip: “In a flash mob, the element of surprise is very important. The more people present suddenly start joining in, the better. Moreover, do you want a beautifully finished result? Then choose professional dancers or work with a dance school. With the help of their many members, often including children and young people, you create a great(er) effect at a lower cost.”

  • Provide audience members

“The nicest place to organize a flash mob is in a public place with lots of other people walking around. The more people, the more atmosphere! You can then really see the surprise in the audience, plus you can hide the dancers better. Cool locations include beautiful squares in city centers, open spaces in shopping malls, train stations or airports. You might find a suitable location that means a lot to you as a couple, or where friends and family can also be involved,” smiles Liza.

  • Catchy choreography

Incredibly important of course: the dance moves! Liza points out: “Putting together the best moves into a convincing choreography is often easier said than done. So, it’s best to work with a choreographer for this. Choose a simple dance, which is easy for many people to learn. During a flash mob, you mainly want to create a spectacular effect with very simple movements, so that even people with less dancing talent can participate.”

Liza adds: “From experience, I know that it is not always easy to get everyone together to learn a flash mob dance. For this reason, it can be useful to work with a video! So be sure to record the dance lesson and send the video around afterward – also useful as a reminder for those who were there during the lesson.”.

  • Swinging tune

For your choice of music, Liza indicates: “Choose a song that is very up-tempo, and that many people know. Go for music that brings pleasure to everyone, and that makes you dance along spontaneously. If you find a song that also has a symbolic meaning for both of you, then success is guaranteed!” 

  • Leg het moment vast

“Make sure someone films your flash mob and marriage proposal! It’s such a once-in-a-lifetime experience… you will want to look back at it forever. A video of your marriage proposal will be a wonderful memento of the start of your Happy Ever After!” shares Liza enthusiastically.

  • Could it be more intimate?

Not a fan of public places? Your flash mob initiative can perfectly also be set up in a more intimate setting. Liza: “Round up all your friends and family to learn your dance and propose to your partner at the next birthday party or summer BBQ with your flash mob! Imagine: amid your friends and family, you suddenly start dancing. Everyone looks amazed until they start joining in. Your fiancé won’t know what hit them! Until you get down on your knee and present that ring, of course… An overjoyed moment together, and all your loved ones are there to celebrate with you!”

About Liza Heirman

Liza Heirman is a professional dancer and choreographer from Ghent. She is co-founder and Creative Director of URBAN BASE Dance Studio, a non-profit organization. At Wedding Dance by Liza Heirman, you can get your customized opening dance, bachelor party workshops, and dance workshops for your party or team building.

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