Your marriage proposal in Bruges? Frederiek Van Pamel’s 5 favourite locations!


Bruges, with its many canals, parks, and medieval buildings, is a thoroughly romantic city. The ideal location to ask your beloved to marry you! We spoke to Frederiek Van Pamel, master florist and owner of the eponymous interior and flower shop in Bruges. He gave us his favourite spots for your perfect proposal in Bruges!

Frederiek’s five favourite places

  • Minnewaterpark

Frederiek jokes: “In the Minnewater Park, you will find the ‘Lake of Love’ and the ‘Lovers Bridge’. As the names suggest, Minnewater Park is possibly the perfect starting point of your Happily Ever After!”.

  • Belfort

This place will literally take you and your future to new heights. “Are you more adventurous? Then climb the steps of Bruges’ Belfry together. At the top, you will enjoy the beautiful view of the Bruges Ommeland together, with its many small nostalgic villages. A great place to ask your beloved to marry you,” Frederiek tips.

  • Brugse Reien

Bruges is not called the ‘Venice of the North’ for nothing. Frederiek says: “The many narrow canals that run through the city, known as the Brugse Reien, create a wonderfully romantic atmosphere. Surprise your partner with a private boat trip – possibly with a bottle of bubbles on board and bring out your engagement ring in a beautiful spot!”.

  • Paardenkoets

“Create a very fairytale-like moment with your proposal in a horse-drawn carriage. Have the carriage pick you up at your hotel and take a surprise ride together from there. Pick a nice spot in advance to stop for a moment or get your ring out from under the warm carriage blanket and ask your big question!” beams Frederiek.

  • Picknick in het park

Frederiek likes to close with a tip accessible to all: “Couples looking for an intimate moment together as a couple, I recommend picnicking in one of Bruges’ many beautiful parks. With a good bottle of wine and a tasty cheese board, you will create the ideal setting for your magical moment together…. “

Five great places to celebrate your engagement in Bruges

Congratulations, you are engaged! Time to celebrate! There are plenty of restaurants and hotels in Bruges that would love to welcome you for a cozy get-together. Frederiek Van Pamel shares his top five places where you will want to celebrate your engagement.

  • Dinner with a view of the Minnewater

Frederiek: “Around the Minnewater, there are some tasty restaurants with an idyllic view of the lake. Enjoy the setting sun together and watch the lights around the lake light up. A wonderful place to dream away together and enjoy your future dreams!”

  • Hotel de Orangerie

“I once worked on a wedding where the couple married in a hotel room at Hotel de Orangerie. Only the two of them were there – hugely romantic and unique! They enjoyed their intimate celebration in the room and concluded their party for two with an intimate dinner. At Hotel de Orangerie, or one of the other tasteful hotels in the area, book a suite with a table for two. This is how you celebrate your love by purely enjoying each other,” smiles Frederiek.

  • Hotel Heritage

The Relais & Châteaux Hotel Heritage in the heart of Bruges is also a very special location to celebrate your love in style. Frederiek tips: “A night and dinner at this beautiful five-star hotel with a premium restaurant will be the icing on the cake of your successful engagement!”

  • De Garre

“De Garre, the narrowest street in Bruges, is a cozy neighbourhood to take your fiancée to. You’ll find tasty restaurants there. There are also plenty of options for romantic dining in Bruges’ many other small alleys,” shares Frederiek.

  • Brugge: romantiek à volonté

“Wherever you go: in UNESCO World Heritage city Bruges, you will experience romance at its finest. With its center brimming with cozy hotels, restaurants, parks, horse-drawn carriages, and canals, you will find something for everyone. You can celebrate your engagement in the best way possible. In Bruges, an idyllic setting is always within reach,” concludes Frederiek.

About Frederiek Van Pamel

Frederiek Van Pamel is the manager of the shop of the same name in Bruges, and a designer of unique decorative projects and floral creations. He dresses up the most beautiful weddings and grand events and is also active as an interior and garden designer. His shop also functions as a city break and B&B, under the name Maison Fred. Feel free to go there for a cup of tea or coffee for a relaxing moment in this vibrant city.

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