Marriage proposal with family


It is always nice to involve people in your marriage proposal. Do you have a good relationship with the family? Then don’t hesitate to share your plans with them! It automatically brings an even closer bond between you, and you will have less stress knowing you can talk to someone about it. Family members can sometimes find it just so hard to keep a secret because they are so excited about the news! So basically, the rule is the fewer people who know about your plans the better. There are several ways you can involve your family in the marriage proposal!

Let the family of your significant other help prepare the marriage proposal

Who knows your beloved better than her own family? If you can’t figure it out yourself enlist the help of her family. Together, you can come up with a plan on how to propose to her. They can help you with the venue, the decoration and maybe even the ring!  Her family will definitely appreciate that you value their opinion too. Together, you can look forward to that one special moment when you ask her to marry you.

Let them be part of the marriage proposal

It will not only make your partner feel special but also her family. After the proposal, let them suddenly appear with flowers and balloons. Your loved one won’t know what hit her. It will be a moment no one is going to forget! What you can also do is let the family ask that special question themselves, by doing something creative. Tie a blindfold on her and take her to a place. When she takes off her blindfold, she sees her family standing there, each holding a letter. All the letters together form the sentence, “Will you marry me?”. She won’t know what she sees and might even shed a tear!

Let them distract your partner while you prepare everything

It can be a nerve-wracking day and of course, you don’t want anything to go wrong. You want to do everything possible so your loved one doesn’t find out anything. Let her mother or sister take her to a nail salon or hairdresser while you prepare everything at the venue where you are going to propose to her. When she arrives at the venue, she will be stunned when she sees the whole family, especially when you then ask her that one important question…

Let them follow along through live stream

Do you have family members who live far away and don’t want them to miss this special moment? Then work with a live stream! This way, everyone can follow along wherever they are, it’s super convenient. Also, a perfect initiative for family members who have mobility problems, they too can follow along. Use Teams or Zoom and make sure everyone gets a link in advance.

Arrange a celebratory dinner after the marriage proposal

When your partner has said yes, there is definitely a reason to celebrate. You are getting married! Whether you want to see everyone immediately after your proposal or wait a few days, find an evening to celebrate with your closest family and friends. Make reservations at your favourite restaurant or ask your closest friends to organize a cocktail party in your honour. You will both enjoy sharing the special moment with your family and friends. Everyone will have a smile on their face because you are finally taking that next important step! Make sure you leave some time for a toast, of course, your engagement should start on the right note.

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