Your unique marriage proposal in a five-star hotel


Do you like a touch of luxury in your life, and are you about to make the marriage proposal of a lifetime? Hotel Botanic Sanctuary in Antwerp was recently labeled “five-star superior” – the highest luxury label on the market. A marriage proposal in a five-star hotel must be a unique and luxurious experience, we thought. So, we had a word with Sandrine Versavel, Director of Sales & Marketing at Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp, who has already witnessed several proposals at their beautiful new hotel…

Involve the hotel in your plans

The better the preparation, the smoother your marriage proposal can go. Sandrine: “Be sure to inform the hotel in advance of your sneaky plans. Then our team will make sure your hotel room, the table in the restaurant, or any other space for your proposal is all yours. After the proposal, we will also be happy to be ready with a glass of celebratory bubbles and provide a romantic decoration of your hotel room.”

Order your customized marriage proposal 

Depending on how you envision your marriage proposal itself, a five-star hotel can personalize everything for you. Sandrine clarifies, “Tell us what your ideal proposal is, and we will arrange it. Small or grand, from simple to ultra-personalized! We can provide everything custom-made – we take care of finishing your concept down to the smallest details! Think: champagne in glasses with your names engraved on them, table decorations based on your fiancé’s favourite flowers, a complete decoration of your room in her or his favourite colour… The more information you can provide us with about your fiancé and what you love together, the more unique and personalized we can make your once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

The four best spots for your marriage proposal in Botanic Sanctuary

  • Antwerp1238

Sandrine shares, “Restaurant 1238 has a very fairy-like setting. The restaurant is located in a modern and elegant orangery, which overlooks a serene monastery garden. You will enjoy a very intimate and romantic atmosphere in there – ideal for a dream of a marriage proposal!”

  • Hertog Jan

“In our two-star Hertog Jan restaurant, there are only five tables. So you sit there in a very exclusive setting, enjoying the delicious culinary experience with all your senses. A perfect and intimate moment to bring out your engagement ring…” tips Sandrine.

  • Suite with wellness

“The suites at Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp are perfect for the most intimate of moments, with your loved one. You can have your suite dressed up as romantic as you like. Some suites also have a wellness area. Imagine: you and your future one are enjoying a blissful bubble bath together, and while she or he closes their eyes for a moment, you prepare to ask your big question… The perfect start to your Happy Ever After!”

  • The chapel

“Another very romantic location for a marriage proposal is our chapel. You could – so to speak spontaneously – explore our hotel, to discover the chapel of Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp together…. where ‘coincidentally’ all kinds of flowers and candles make up the most beautiful setting. A super beautiful and dreamy place, where you get down on your knee and bring out your engagement ring… a truly WOW moment,” concludes Sandrine.

About Sandrine Versavel and Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

Sandrine Versavel is the Director of Sales & Marketing of the five-star Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp hotel. Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp, a member of Leading Hotels of the World, is located in the old historic buildings of the 15th-century guesthouse Sint-Elisabeth, in the center of Antwerp. The hotel is Antwerp’s first “five-star superior” hotel, and the first in Belgium with no less than four Michelin stars on site. It has 108 rooms and suites, five restaurants and an extensive Botanic Health Spa & Club. With its beautiful 15th-century chapel, it is the perfect venue for weddings and celebrations. 

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