The most romantic spots for your marriage proposal in Rome!


Want to propose to your partner in Rome? Buildings are full of history, cozy parks, and tasty restaurants… Reasons enough to choose this beautiful city for your big question! Helena Steurbaut, a planner of multi-day weddings in Italy and France, shared what for her are the five most romantic spots for your marriage proposal in Rome.

Helena’s top favourites for a successful kneel-down:

  • Villa Borghese

The Villa Borghese Park, located around the Galleria Borghese Museum, is Helena’s first tip. She states: “If you like to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Villa Borghese is the ideal location. Villa Borghese is Rome’s largest park, full of romantic English gardens, fountains, and ponds… Here you’re sure to find a quiet, beautiful spot to get down on your knee!”

  • Monte Mario

Would you like it a bit more intimate? Then Helena recommends Monte Mario, the most romantic viewpoint of Parco di Villa Mellini: “Monte Mario is not known among tourists, which makes it super quiet and cozy. The park is a bit higher, more outside the city center, so it offers a beautiful view of the city. Imagine: just the two of you, with that mighty view of Rome… the ideal start to your Happily Ever After!”

  • The Aventine Hill

The Aventine hill also offers stunning views of the city. People even call it “Rome’s most famous keyhole”, Helena specifies: “If you’ve climbed the Aventine during your visit to Rome, you can look through the keyhole onto Piazza Dei Cavalieri di Malta. You will find yourself looking at no less than three countries: on the outside of the keyhole, you are on Italian territory, but if you look through the opening, you will see the garden of the Maltese Knights – the official territory of the Maltese Order – and at the end of the archway, the third state will appear: namely, you will see the dome of St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Surprise your partner with your proposal and engagement ring when he turns back from the keyhole…”

  • The Old Rome

Any couple who is – even just a little bit! – is interested in history, will have her heart set on ‘Ancient’ Rome: the Centro Storico. “In the historic city center, you can see a beautiful monument behind every corner. Bring out that engagement ring before the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, or the Spanish Steps… You can do it all in the heart of Rome; some places are more photogenic than others!”, explains an enthusiastic Helena.

  • Trastevere

With its narrow alleys, old-fashioned houses, and cozy places to eat, Trastevere is also an incredibly romantic part of the city. Helena tips: “The Museo di Roma, or one of the many other museums in Trastevere, is an ideal proposal location for couples who love culture and art. Ask your big question in style and go celebrate your engagement together in one of the many restaurants in the district.”

Three places in Rome to celebrate your engagement

Congratulations, you are engaged! And of course, you will want to celebrate. Rome is fortunately rich in tasty restaurants and cozy places, where enjoying yourselves together comes first. Helena lists her favourite places in Rome where you can raise a glass to your fantastic news:

  • Hotel de Russie

Helena: “Hotel de Russie is ideal to celebrate your fledgling engagement. Villa Borghese is close to here, by the way! Hotel de Russie has a beautiful courtyard garden, and a nice restaurant where you can dine extensively.”

  • Piazza Navona

On and around Piazza Navona you will find numerous cozy restaurants. However, Helena recommends taking it higher up, in one of the rooftop bars: “The rooftop terraces around Piazza Navona, such as Terrazza Borromini, offer stunning views of the square and the rest of the city. Perfect for enjoying your perspectives together, and a mini ‘party for two’!”

  • A picnic at the park

Did you just pop your big question in one of the parks, and would you like to celebrate your engagement there with the two of you? Helena’s advice: “Beforehand, prepare a delicious picnic basket filled with all kinds of Italian goodies. That way you can reminisce about your wonderful moment a little longer on the spot. With a bottle of Italian prosecco, you’ll toast the future together!”

About Helena Steurbaut

As founder and business manager of Art’Anna Weddings & Events, Helena organizes multi-day weddings in Italy and France. She loves creating unique experiences for couples and their guests. Each time, the team at Art’Anna ensures customization, a real holiday feeling, and magical memories of your most beautiful day!

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