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21 cute proposal ideas your partner won’t be able to resist!


When it comes to planning a proposal, you want to make it absolutely perfect for your partner and the ideal match for their personality. So, if you’re looking for cute proposal ideas, we’ve put together our favourites that will make your proposal simply irresistible!

Make a cake part of your cute proposal

Did somebody say cake? Using a cake for your cute proposal is sure to go down a treat! And the best news is that there are so many ways that you can get creative with baked goods.

If you want to keep it simple, you could ice your question on the top of a cake or across a series of cupcakes and present it to your partner. Or for something a little more involved, why not use the ring as a decoration on top. How long do you think it will take for your partner to notice? If you’re feeling very brave you could even hide the ring inside the cake, although you do need to ensure this is done safely so there are no choking accidents!

Want to go the extra step for your cake-themed proposal? Have a look for a personalised dessert plate that has the message ‘Will you marry me?’ written across the middle. All you must do is serve your slice and ensure it covers the message, then watch your partner’s face as they discover a very cute surprise! We love this handmade one from Etsy seller incarcerations.

Getting your pet involved in your cute proposal

Animals are an important part of the family, so getting your cat, dog or other pet involved in your proposal would be a very cute way to pop the question.

When it comes to canine companions, you can create a custom sign to hang around their neck or thread the ring onto their collar. The collar idea also works well with cats, although you need to ensure your cat is well-trained enough to be at the right place at the right time! Another option is to get a custom-made tag for their collar that spells out your question – check out the great selection from Not On The High Street. If your pet is a jumper-wearer you could opt for a personalised sweater, which is also an easy way to make them look even cuter.

If you can’t easily get your pet involved due to their size or temperament, you could use a photo of them on a card to pop the question instead – so the charming factor is still definitely a part of your cute proposal!

Using flowers for your cute proposal

Just as flowers form an important part of wedding decor, you can use them to great effect in your proposal, too.

For a classic effect, consider using rose petals to enhance your proposal, whether this is scattering them around the room you’re proposing in, creating a heart shape where you can go down on one knee, or creating a trail for your partner to follow. You could also spell out your question in rose petals – this would work well if your partner can see it from above to get the full effect, such as in the garden so they can look down from a balcony or window.

Everyone loves receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers, but you could make them even more special by attaching the ring to the centre of one of the blooms. Write out your question on the tag, and your partner won’t be able to resist this cute proposal idea!

Photoshoot proposal ideas

A cute proposal idea that’s sure to surprise your partner is to book a photoshoot for the two of you. While you and your unsuspecting loved one are having fun striking some poses in your favourite spot, you can suddenly drop down on one knee. And even better, you’ll have a professional photographer on hand to capture your partner’s reaction!

This idea would also work well if you have children and want to get them involved in proposing – think how surprised your partner would be to turn around and see them holding up signs spelling out your question.

Cute ideas for proposing at home

It’s said that home is where the heart is, so where better to ask your loved one to spend the rest of their life with you? And the good news is that there are so many cute ways to propose at home, making a special occasion even more memorable.

You could set up a movie night featuring your partner’s favourite romcom, then pause the scene with the proposal to interject with your own. That’s sure to make for an ending they’ll never forget!

We’ve talked about serving cake on a customised proposal dessert plate, which would also work well for a cute proposal at home. You can also get hidden message mugs, where the question is printed on the bottom – check out this one from Etsy seller The LetterLoftUK Serve up your partner’s favourite hot drink and then watch their partner’s reaction as they finish their drink!

If you’re a couple who love playing board games, you can use Scrabble for a cute proposal idea – spell out ‘marry me’ on the board during the game for a lovely low-key proposal idea. (You just need to make sure you’ve taken the right letters in advance!)

And if you’re thinking about proposing at Christmas, setting your festive proposal at home holds so many cute possibilities. We love the idea of a bauble inscribed with ‘will you marry me?’ that’s hung on the tree for your partner to find, or one that opens to reveal the ring, like this NOTHS design.

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