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Marriage proposal with a dog is done this way!


A pet such as a dog or a cat, is an important part of your family or relatives. Including your faithful four-legged friend in your marriage proposal is therefore an excellent idea. As an animal lover, your partner will be extra charmed by this gesture and may be even more inclined to say the magic three-letter word. Find out below in what ways you can involve your dog in your marriage proposal!

Why propose marriage with a dog?

Hm, that’s a good question! But one that we can also easily answer for you. Find out below why you should definitely include your dog in your proposal.

Full-fledged family member

Just as your children are inseparable from you and belong to the family, so are your pets. Your dog is just as much a full member of your family or household. If you do not have children (yet), it is an excellent idea to use your dog during your proposal.

Partner in crime

Do you find it a bit scary or exciting to undertake a marriage proposal on your own? Well, then involving your dog in your proposal is ideal! Your faithful four-legged friend will suddenly become your partner in crime and will help you make your beloved feel over the moon.

High cuddliness

Trust us: when your friend looks into those sweet puppy eyes (the dog’s, not yours), he or she will have a very hard time saying “no”. Blackmail? Maybe so. But hey, all means are good to make your beloved your fiancé, right?

Ways to propose marriage with a dog

There are several ways to have your dog join you in your marriage proposal. We list a few below. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with and otherwise let it all come to you!

Hang a sign around your dog’s neck

Hanging a sign around your dog’s neck with the ultimate message on it can certainly create a surprise effect with your partner. When your four-legged friend unsuspectingly arrives wagging his or her tail, your beloved will have to look twice and not believe his or her eyes!

Thread the engagement ring on your dog’s collar

Stringing an engagement ring around your dog’s collar is a lot less prominent than hanging a sign around his neck asking, “Will you marry me? This is because a ring is not super large and therefore very subtle. This gives you extra space to ask the question, in case you are nervous about it. You can just walk around the room without your partner noticing the ring. Do you suffer from procrastination? Then we recommend the option with the sign, because then there is no escape!

Have a custom label made

Order a label that says “Will you marry me? Attach this label to your dog’s collar. Do you like dry humor? Then explain to your partner that the intention is to marry you, not the dog.

Have your dog wear a sweater

Order a personalized sweater and have your dog wear it. Not only will your dog look extra cute, your partner will immediately realize what’s up and won’t be able to say “no” to such a crazy request!

Make a card with a picture of your dog

Obviously, not everyone has a small dog like a chihuahua or Chinese crested nude as a pet. Is your dog too big to have the above ideas implemented? Or does your four-legged friend have too fierce a temperament? Then we recommend taking a picture of your pet and using it on a card where you put the message. That way, you can still include your dog in your marriage proposal. And admit it: a card with your dog on it has such a high cuddliness factor, your partner will love it!

Playful mood

Involving your fluffy favorite animal in your marriage proposal is a great idea. Just keep in mind that a dog is still an animal and not a human. Is your four-legged friend in a playful or stubborn mood? Then your proposal might not turn out exactly as you had planned. So be realistic and above all not too nervous. Even if the nerves are racing through your body, count on your dog. His grand gesture will cut the tension and break the ice.

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