Will you marry me again?


As everyone knows, you are allowed to propose to your beloved twice. Are you thinking of asking your better half to marry you again? Saying yes again is the crowning glory of your relationship! In the United States, they have been familiar with the phenomenon for much longer. Renewing your vows is what they call it. Maybe your first proposal was not as ideal as you had hoped after all, or maybe you want to surprise your partner with a very romantic gesture for your wedding anniversary. Give her a new story to tell friends and family by putting your own spin on it. That way, you can be sure it will be perfect! A new ring is not necessary for this proposal, but it would look great with a new piece of jewelry! You can give a necklace, bracelet, or earrings to your loved one. We give you 6 ways how you can propose to your beloved again!

List of 10 reasons why you should marry her again

The time has come, today is your date! This is a day you shouldn’t let pass by lightly. What could be more romantic than spoiling your beloved with some sweet words that come from your heart. Make a list of 10 reasons why you would marry her again. She will melt for you again! Your beloved will walk around with a warm heart all day long.    

Take her to a wellness hotel for an evening

Provide a cozy and relaxing evening at a hotel. Arrange for them to have champagne ready and decorate the room with candles, red roses, and balloons when you are in the wellness area. When you return to your room at the end of the evening, she won’t believe her eyes! This is very romantic and perfect to end the evening, especially when you ask her to marry you again. What a top evening!

Photobook of your wedding day with that special question on the last page

Treat your spouse to a photo book of your wedding day. That way, you will relive your wedding day a little. You can reminisce about your unique day together. On the last page, you can have the sentence “Will you marry me again?” printed. This is the highlight of your photo book, her day will surely be made!

Take her out to dinner

Take your better half to your favourite restaurant. That night, be very talkative about your marriage and show extra hard how much you love her! Arrange in advance with the restaurant that they should do something special with your partner’s dessert. Have them write “Will you marry me again?” on it. She won’t know what she sees, especially since it comes across as so unexpected!

Relive your first date

Take her back to the place where it all started. Did you go bowling together? Or went to the movies? Doesn’t matter! Make sure you had the same dress code you had a few years ago. Talk about what you felt during your first date and how it evolved. Make her feel as special again as in the beginning. She will really appreciate you putting in so much effort! Then, at the end of the date (the moment when your first kiss fell), ask her back to marry you.

Enlist the help of the kids

Did the kids not experience your marriage proposal or were they too young? Then let them help now! You can let your kids ask that special question themselves without them even having to say anything. So how do we do this? Well through T-shirts! Have them each put on a T-shirt on which the phrases of the question, “Will you marry me? ” on them. Your other half will be very moved by this, especially since your children are involved and they mean everything to you!

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