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How to plan a magical proposal at Disneyland Paris?


Are you looking to plan a proposal that’s extravagant but emotional? Bold but heartfelt? Above all, totally magical and completely unforgettable? Then you might want to plan a Disneyland proposal. There’s a reason it’s known as the Happiest Place on Earth, after all!

Though each park the world over has the same sense of wonderment, awe and adventure, each park has its individual attractions and charm. Today, as part of our advice on where to propose, we’re focusing on planning a proposal at Disneyland Paris. So, with a wave of our magic wand – let’s begin.

Why plan a proposal at Disneyland Paris

There are so many reasons why a Disneyland proposal could be the perfect option for you. The most obvious one, perhaps, is if your partner is a Disney fan, and has always fancied themselves as a prince or a princess. However, a proposal at Disneyland isn’t just suitable for Disney obsessives: we all grew up with the magic of their films, and that’s palpable in the Parks whether you last watched one 12 hours or 12 years ago. Everyone deserves a fairytale engagement to go with their fairytale romance.

Where to plan your Disneyland Proposal

In front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle

It’s the iconic Disneyland proposal scene, and many prince and princess’s dream: their partner getting down on one knee and popping the question in front of the castle. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a truly enchanting scene which can be found at the end of Main Street. The towering 167 foot fairytale castle features spires, turrets, stained glass windows, fluttering tapestries and regal blue roofing, making it the perfect backdrop for a magical proposal.

As darkness falls, it becomes the scene for Disney Illuminations, a breathtaking firework, light and animation show that brings to life some of your most loved characters. This also makes for ideal proposal time! In the words of the Lady and the Tramp, “Side by side with your loved one, you’ll find enchantment here. The night will weave its magic spell, when the one you love is near.”

On The Tower of Terror

If you’re more thrill ride than horse and carriage ride, then you might be surprised to hear that a proposal at Disneyland could be perfect for you too. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is a sheer, adrenaline-pumping drop – where your photo is taken halfway down! Whilst your partner is screaming their head off, grab the ring from your pocket and pose with it for the photo, or alternatively whip out a sign saying “Will You Marry Me?” Then, when you go to check your photo at the end, they’ll be in for the ultimate surprise.

Other thrill-seeking spots include Indiana Jones and The Temple of Terror and Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, equally perfect Disneyland proposal spots for movie geeks and superfans.

With Their Favourite Disney Characters

Dotted around the Parks are the chance to meet your favourite Disney character, be they princess or cartoon animal. These spots are all primed with photographers, meaning you’ll get a photo of the moment you got down on one knee; as well as the characters’ reaction!

On a Hot Air Balloon

Disneyland truly has something for everyone, including one of the world’s largest hot air balloons. Set off from Lake Disney in the PanoraMagique to get unparalleled 360 degree views of the park, sometimes from as far as 20km in the air. Hot air balloons are the ultimate in romantic gestures; making them the perfect site for an unforgettable Disneyland proposal.

Disney’s Newport Bay Club

Though the whole point of a holiday is to explore somewhere new, sometimes you just want to stay in the lap of luxury in the hotel – especially when it’s as nice as Disney’s Newport Bay Club. With nautical decor that pays homage to the original power couple, Minnie and Mickey, it’s a tasteful, blissful escape, and a great shout if you’d prefer your proposal at Disneyland to be a private affair. It even features a sauna and hammam – and why not order a bottle of champagne up to your room, to help you pop the question in style?

Top tips for a magical proposal at Disneyland

Propose early on in your trip

Disneyland is a place unlike any other, completely unique in its style, so you want to make the most of the experience of being engaged there! If you think Disneyland is already magical, just you wait for a Disneyland proposal. I’ve seen one first-hand, and the energy in the park of guests wishing total strangers congratulations was completely infectious. You definitely want to propose in the first few days of your trip so that you can spend the rest of your time soaking up the good vibes as fiancé(e)s – eeep!

This also leads onto our next Disneyland proposal tip…

Inform Disney staff of your plans, and your engagement

We know we keep mentioning how one-of-a-kind Disney is, but it’s genuinely one of their core values. This extends to the staff, as well, who will go above and beyond to make your trip magical. This is why we’d always recommend letting Disney staff know of your proposal plans when you’re booking or planning your stay, as well as letting them know about your engagement once the ring is on their finger. Amongst other things, they’ll give you a special badge announcing your good news – you’ll be amazed at how many staff pick up on it as you walk around wearing it, and give you special treats and congratulations.

Get cute Disney swag

The world of Disney-themed merchandise is so vast we could have dedicated an entire blog series to it itself. As well as the official Disney merchandise you’ll be able to buy in the stores to commemorate this special trip, you can find cute engagement-specific products to pack to take with you. For example, how’s about classic “Just engaged” t-shirts, with the iconic castle on them too? Disneyland is personalised t-shirt central!

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