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A magical marriage proposal in Bruges? An absolute winner!


Did you know that Bruges is also known as the “Venice of the North”? That says it all, don’t you think? It is certainly one of Belgium’s most beautiful cities. The countless magical canals that wend their way in and around the city create a tranquil, romantic backdrop. That’s why we believe you can’t go wrong in planning a magical marriage proposal in this historic and ancient city.

Why is Bruges the ideal marriage proposal destination?


Many people call Bruges an open-air museum. From its stepped gables and cobbled streets to the picturesque cityscapes; the city is jam-packed with history. Bruges simply oozes culture and history. You see, it’s not just one or two monuments that are UNESCO World Heritage sites, but literally the entire city is designated as one. Bruges is also the oldest diamond trading city in Europe. The perfect place to buy your engagement ring then!

Romantic water city

Bruges is just as romantic as Paris, perhaps even more so. Hand in hand, you and your beloved can criss-cross the many bridges or take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. You’ll be sure to soak up the ambience as you amble along the picturesque streets. That feeling is perfect for a marriage proposal. Don’t you think?

A city for foodies and beer lovers

Many say that love and food go together. Indulge your partner in Bruges.  Does your partner love chocolate or beer? If so,  Bruges is the perfect location! The city is host to several breweries and there is even a chocolate museum! Mmm… is your mouth watering already?

The most beautiful locations in Bruges

The Bonifacius Bridge

The Bonifacius Bridge, also known as the Love Bridge, is very picturesque and is one of the city’s newest bridges.  It exudes a mystical and romantic ambience. It is truly a magical place, whatever the time of day or night.  The bridge is located between Gruuthuse and the Arentshof. Across the water is the Church of Our Lady  that has an intimate, bijou city garden. After you’ve popped the question on this magical bridge, you could revel in the moment together, in the city garden.

The Beguinage

This unique location is characterised by the white-painted houses and, of course, the beguines who live here. Unwind completely in this tranquil setting while gazing at the white swans as they swim by and the beautiful trees. Here, in this quiet place away from all the hustle & bustle of the city, you can get down on one knee and make your proposal. The beguines won’t believe their eyes.

Rosary Quay

For centuries this location has been cherished by photographers and painters, and many others. Here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the canal, the Belfry, St. Basil’s Chapel and the city’s many historic houses. If you feel hungry or thirsty, there are plenty of restaurants to grab a bite to eat or a drink. Most restaurants also have a terrace where you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the water.


Want to get away from the busy city centre? Head to Zeebrugge: Bruges by the Sea. This is the ideal destination for a relaxing walk along the coast and the dunes. And also eminently suitable for a romantic marriage proposal!

Marriage proposal ideas in Bruges

Boat trip

When you think of Bruges, boat trips immediately spring to mind. Cruising past the old, historic houses is an absolute delight. It also allows you to see the city from a completely different perspective. Most boat trips take half an hour; plenty of time therefore to ask your beloved to marry you.


Choco-Story is Bruges’ renowned chocolate museum. If your partner is absolutely crazy about chocolate then this could be the perfect location to plan your marriage proposal. This three-themed museum tells the origin and evolution of chocolate. Besides the history, you can also see for yourself how chocolate is made. During a demonstration, you will learn the secrets behind delicious chocolate. Plus, you also get to taste the chocolate made there yourself. Our idea goes like this: Contact the museum and ask if they can make something special for the marriage proposal, for example, a chocolate ring. During the tasting session at the end of the tour, you can pop the question with your unique chocolate ring. How’s that for a surprise?!

Ride in a horse-drawn carriage

Just like in the fairy tales, you can sit in a horse-drawn carriage in Bruges. Let one of the city’s thirteen carriages take you along some of the highlights of Bruges, while the coachman provides titbits of information. There are two regular stops, including Vineyard Square near the Beguinage. There the horses can rest for a while, as you decide if it’s the right time to make your proposal. Even more romantic: ask the coachman to slow down at a certain point and pop the question in the carriage. Please note that during extreme heat, horse-drawn carriages do not operate in Bruges.

Are you planning to make your marriage proposal in Bruges soon or would you first prefer to read about other top proposal destinations in Belgium? Find out more here!

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