Beauty & the Beast marriage proposal


Proposing marriage is very special. You have finally found your better half; you see a future with her and wouldn’t want to lose her for anything in the world. Do you want to take a different approach than most do? Why not apply your favourite Disney love to your marriage proposal? We would love to explain to you how this is possible!

Ask her to marry you in Disneyland Paris

How beautiful would this be? You take your partner here for a weekend. You have fun and have a great time. At the end of your trip, you ask your beloved to marry you. This completes your trip! This is because Disneyland has a Be Our Guest restaurant where you can enjoy a multi-course dinner in one of the three classic sets of the Beast’s castle. Belle and the Beast will be there, as well as some of the other beloved characters. Why not propose to your beloved in Belle & the Beast’s very own ballroom? You can even enlist their help. When you ask her to marry you, the whole ballroom will be able to celebrate with you!

Plan a candlelit dinner

Every woman can enjoy a cozy candlelit dinner. Want to get totally into the Belle and the Beast atmosphere? Then for dinner, use the dishes mentioned in the film as well. Listen to the song “Be our guest”. In it, they name several dishes you can make. This is the perfect opportunity to propose to your partner. Also, use candlesticks with your dinner to add that fairy-tale touch!

Make a custom ring

Of course, what should not be missing from a marriage proposal is the ring. Online, you can find many engagement rings inspired by the film Belle and the Beast. Want to show that you put in the extra effort? Then have a ring made to measure. No one will have the exact same ring!

Throw a Disney-themed party

Among friends, organize a costume party with a Disney theme. You may be thinking ow… But trust me there are a lot more adults still of fan Disney than you think! You obviously make sure you and your partner are Belle and the Beast. When all your friends have arrived, and the mood is right you make your move. You call for attention and address your partner personally. When you then ask her to marry you, she will be glowing with happiness!

Hide the ring in a glass goblet with an enchanted rose

The enchanted rose is a well-known and beloved symbol of the film. So, for this reason, you can also buy many replicas online and in shops. Ideal right? When you ask your beloved to marry you, take the ring out of the glass goblet and get down on your knee. Just like in a real fairy tale!

Fill the room with books and roses

In the film, the Beast gives Belle a library, so why not turn the living room into one? Is your loved one a real bookworm? Then surprise her with a new bookshelf full of her favourite books. In doing so, you can also fill the room with yellow, red, and blue flowers. Between the novels, stick a special book. This is where you hid the ring! When she finds the ring, you ask her to marry you. How romantic!

Make a dress like Belle for your partner

Are you true fans of Belle and the Beast? Then propose to your beloved in style! Of course, it is not easy to recreate the dress in its entirety. But of course, this is something you are willing to do. When the dress is completely in order ask your beloved to put it on, then take her to a specific location: the library. Perfect for when you want to make the ultimate Beauty and the Beast marriage proposal!

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