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Proposing in fall: the best way to pop the question in autumn


The seasons of summer and winter get a lot of love. And while they’re both beautiful in their own ways, we think they overshadow the equally, if not more beautiful, seasons of spring and autumn. It’s the latter we’re going to be focusing on in today’s post, which is all about proposing in fall and how to incorporate the season into your plans in all of its glory!

Proposing in fall: The Northern Hemisphere

The below ideas are for proposing in fall in the Northern Hemisphere, making the most of those beautiful orange-tinged months between September and December. It’s the season of snuggly blankets, wrapping up warm in fluffy coats and cosy scarves, and steaming mugs of hot chocolate: and therefore of adorable, romantic proposals.

Ideas for proposing in fall

A photoshoot in the park

One of the best things about this time of year is the colours of the natural world: the stunning oranges, yellows and reds that seemingly saturate every walk outside. But not only does this make for beautiful viewing everytime you step outside; it makes for a gorgeous backdrop for an engagement photo!

If you’re looking for a lowkey but still beautiful way of proposing in fall, you could just go for a beautiful walk in a local park and, whilst soaking up the golden glow of the leaves and the late autumn sun, pop the question.

But why not take it to the level? Immortalise the perfect moment forever, by hiring a photographer to capture it as it happens! This could be totally secret, with the photographer cleverly disguised as a passerby. Alternatively, you could organise a cute couple’s photoshoot just because, and inform the photographer of the surprise ending – your partner will be none the wiser. (For more tips on proposal photoshoots, check out our blog here.)

A pumpkin patch proposal…

Another mainstay of the autumn season is pumpkins, so why not incorporate them into your proposal?

Find your local pick your own pumpkin patch or farm near you, and organise a cute date trip there. Then, when your partner thinks they’ve found the perfect pumpkin and turns around to proudly show you: you could be on one knee.

Or, if you fancy your sleight of hand ability, you could slip the ring out of your pocket and onto the stalk of the pumpkin, before showing it to your partner. Bonus points for a cheesy – but totally adorable – pun about having found The One!

…or try your hand at pumpkin carving

Picking isn’t the only way you can have fun with pumpkins! Pumpkin carving is another fun autumn activity, and therefore another great way of proposing in fall. Order in everything you need for a cute, cosy date night at home: think candles, a fancy bottle of wine, and some luxury snacks. Then, get carving – warning, it can get messy!

You can keep your design a surprise from them until the final reveal, when you show each other what you’ve created. Imagine their face when they see, carved into the pumpkin flesh and lit from within by a tealight, the words Will You Marry Me?

It’s not just pumpkins, either

No pumpkins? No problem. There’s other beloved produce that comes into its own in autumn, like delicious juicy apples. Why not find your nearest orchard, and go apple picking?

Some orchards may also include tastings of their cider or apple juice as part of the package, presenting another great opportunity for perfect proposing in fall. Liaise with the orchard team to see how they can help you with the setup: perhaps they can set up a candlelit tasting table, or bring the ringbox out with the glasses.

Around the campfire

As the long summer days start to draw to a close, a campfire is a wonderful way to round out the night. Snuggled under a blanket watching the stars together is an adorable way to spend an evening anyway, but it’s also a lovely way to start the next chapter of your life together.

Get a good fire going, and make sure you go OTT on the food and drink: we’re talking boozy hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows, hot toddies, and, of course, s’mores to toast.

Halloween proposals

Of course, it wouldn’t be a guide to proposing in fall without mentioning Halloween: ‘tis the spooky season, after all. Halloween can be as scary (or not) as you want: so if you and your partner love all things dark and gothic, you can really lean into that theme and run with it.

Alternatively, if you just want to nod to the occasion, you could take your partner ‘trick or treating’, where the treat is the ring, or plan a trip to a haunted house or scare maze, when the jump scares are only beaten by the surprise question!

If you’ve got a Halloween party in the calendar, this could be an ideal time to pop the question, too. Especially if you’re wearing a costume in homage to a married couple! Either way, it’s a hilarious story to look back on fondly: ‘Remember when we got engaged dressed as…?’

Proposing in fall: The Southern Hemisphere

Though this article has been focused on proposing in fall as we know it in the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve got loads of ideas for Southern Hemisphere autumn proposals too. You can check out some of our sunnier ideas here.

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