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The perfect proposal in 8 steps!


You can’t wait to share the rest of your life with your beloved. But how do you start planning the perfect proposal? Make sure you don’t miss a single detail with this handy checklist from House of Weddings engagement expert Iris!

Step 1 for the perfect proposal: Check in with your partner

Maybe it sounds obvious, but carefully establish in advance whether you are on the same page regarding marriage as a couple. Do you know how your partner sees the future, and whether he or she is open to married life together? A question of substantially increasing the chance of an “I do”…

Step 2: Involve your entourage

Asking for your partner’s hand in marriage from his or her parents: old fashoned? Maybe, but admit it: super romantic too! Bet they count down to the day of your proposal too? It’s highly likely that his or her best friends also know what sort of ring would be perfect. Also fun and handy too: ask a potential future witness whether they might be able to immortalise your perfect proposal on photo or video… Enjoy every step within your secret process, together with the chosen few.

Step 3: To ring, or not to ring?

Although an engagement ring is not an absolute must for a perfect proposal, in our part of the world it is often part of the process. This deeply ingrained tradition, where you offer an engagement ring to your partner, extends even further these days: an engagement ring for the man is on-trend again! Start your search at least 3 to 4 months in advance, so that you can have this small magical item ready in time for your planned proposal!

Are your wondering how to find the perfect ring. Discover it here!

Step 4: Give shape to your proposal

A marriage proposal is all the more special if both partners feel relaxed and can fully enjoy the moment. So think in advance what your partner would like. Is your loved one more of an introverted person? Then don’t plan to propose in a busy or public place. Unsure of a suitable location or good idea? Having a chat with his or her bestie or potential witness is sure to bring perfect inspiration!

Step 5: Preparation is key

A perfect proposal definitely needs good preparation. Is your marriage proposal taking place in a special location? Then book that table or place in good time. The same applies if you would like to hire in a professional for photos or videos or maybe a musician, or if you want to ask a friend to arrange candles, flower petals or other accessories. Take various weather conditions into account if you would like to get down on one knee outdoors…

Step 6: Have faith

Asking your partner to marry you is a big step. Butterflies in your stomach? Trust us: that is perfectly normal. Leave some space for unexpected circumstances; so that you can keep enjoying your perfect moment together. But remember, above all: you know your partner the best! There is no alternative: he or she will be enormously surprised and touched…

Step 7: How to pop the question

Do you know what you want to say to your partner when you propose? Let your heart speak out and be honest and sincere. Maybe make a note in advance of a few things that you think it would be important to say, but don’t worry about creating the perfect text. In the magical atmosphere of your perfect proposal words will soon be unnecessary…

Step 8: Time to party!

After your perfect proposal and the resounding “Yes!” naturally you both have something to celebrate. Provide a nice bottle of champagne or book a table in your favourite restaurant. Do you both prefer to celebrate in a wider group? Then invite your friends and family for surprise drinks afterwards!

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