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According to the dictionary, a marriage is a legal bond between two people. But it’s much more than that. By asking your partner to marry you, you promise to be faithful to eachother for ever more. Are you desperate to pop the questions with your partner? Find out everything you need to know about getting married and proposing in this article!

Ready to ask?!

It’s brilliant that you’re ready to take the next step in your relationship! So… are you ready to ask?! Because this website will give you all the information you need regarding ‘the marriage engagement’. From tons of inspiration for an original proposal through to the best tips and tricks for asking the question! There is also plenty of information regarding the practical side of proposing. How’s your timing? Are you looking for a symbolic moment or a real surprise? Which location is best to get down on one knee? Using this marriage engagement checklist will allow you to keep track of every detail!

Marriage engagement: A timeless declaration of love

Iris Decreus used to be a wedding planner, and in 2015 set up Belgium’s largest wedding platform: House of Weddings. The detailed planning of your wedding becomes a piece of cake using this online booking system. Here you can find the best wedding suppliers, as well as a few handy checklists and wedding templates. For Iris a proposal is a peek into the future: “A marriage proposal is a declaration of love, where you promise you will always be there for each other. You know your partner best – meaning you also know what he or she would like as a setting for your proposal… A proposal is experienced most intensely when both parties can enjoy it.

“The marriage proposal is timeless. In our western world there are a few traditional ingredients for a successful proposal. The ‘going down on one knee’, asking for the hand from your intended’s parents and providing an item of jewellery or other gift are a few of the elements which have stood the test of time. Today these traditions are often supplemented with more innovative methods for proposing. So for example in recent years, so-called ‘flash mobs’ of friends or family have been a big hit… But above all: that memorable touch within your proposal is what your partner will remember above everything else – whether you see it as a big or small thing right now.”

Marriage engagement and getting married according to the seasons

According to the expert experience of Iris, most marriage proposals take place around the Christmas period. The winter warmth and Christmas cosiness make quite a few loving hearts beat faster. Other festive days such as Valentine’s day and birthdays also provide inspiration, and proposals often take place while travelling.

Read this article if you are curious how to plan a proposal on holidays and other special occasions

Regarding realistic time planning Iris would also like to add: “Are you looking to buy an engagement ring or other item of jewellery? Then start your search at least 3-4 months before you plan to propose. Especially if you are looking for a personalised design, you will need to factor this creative time into your planning. Around special festive periods such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day too it’s best to plan in some additional time, because these are peak times for your jeweller or designer.”

Couples are generally engaged for around 12-14 months after proposing. It’s best to book your favourite wedding reception venue well in advance. Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for weddings, but these days searches for autumn and winter weddings are increasing in popularity – Pinterest-wise. Think: soft blankets, cosy fire pits and beautiful wedding photos in a colourful autumn setting or on a snow-white carpet of flakes … We would like to guide you through this amazing journey! Download our proposal guide!

We would like to guide you through this amazing journey! Download our proposal guide!

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