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Buying an engagement ring? Follow these rules of thumb


Asking someone to marry you is a crucial point in the relationship between two lovers. It’s that point where you declare your love for your partner and ask them for their hand in marriage. Not to mention, of course, an amazing, sparkling diamond engagement ring. Or just a plain, white gold band. The choice of materials and gemstones is ever-expanding, and your partner’s style, your budget and so many other things all matter when it comes to choosing the perfect ring. You can see below some of the rules you should always bear in mind when choosing your engagement ring.

1. Set a budget

The most important rule when buying an engagement ring, is to decide  your budget. It’s best to do this just to protect yourself. You obviously want the very best for your fiancé-to-be. And that’s why you want to spare no expense. But in buying the very largest diamond ring, you may find yourself with money problems later. So decide on a certain budget in advance, and try to stick to it. Also bear in mind that you will have all sorts of expenses besides the engagement ring itself. Hopefully, you’ll get a resounding “yes” and later there will be a big wedding with matching wedding rings, and a honeymoon… So keep some money in reserve for these.

2. Choose quality

Setting a budget in advance doesn’t mean you have to put up with an engagement ring from the bargain basement. Whatever you choose, always choose quality. Visit a respected jeweller or choose your engagement ring online from a legitimate jeweller such as Baunat. Also check what after-sales service the jeweller in question has to offer. Beautiful rings do require maintenance and occasional repairs.

3. Take your intended’s style preferences into account

Which style should you choose? Does they prefer something plain? Then don’t come out with some gaudy, gold diamond ring with a high bling factor. Or do they instead prefer something stand-out? Then don’t disappoint your intended with some plain band with no frills or bells and whistles. Choose something in line with the jewellery your intended normally wears. Perhaps seek advice from their best friend or mother.

4. Buy your engagement ring in plenty of time

One very important rule when buying an engagement ring is to compare prices. Compare prices for similar rings at different jewellers. It’s best to take your time over this. So don’t just buy your ring the week before you plan to pop the question. Also consider delivery times for engagement rings. If you choose a standard ring from stock, you can basically take it away with you there and then. However, if you want to have a ring custom-made, you should factor in several weeks.

So make sure you sort your engagement ring as well as your ring box in plenty of time. Then you can focus entirely on planning the big question. Need help? Then use the services of a proposal planner. Such an experienced hand would be happy to help you plan your proposal. Want to capture all that beauty on film? Then absolutely hire a photographer, too. So you can enjoy beautiful photos later!

5. Which is the correct hand?

Everyone asks: which hand should you actually wear your engagement ring on? In the West, engagement rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand. In other countries, it is worn on the right hand. Religion often dictates whether you wear your engagement ring on your left or right hand, too. Today, practical considerations more often play a role. Someone who is left-handed may prefer to wear their ring on the other hand, to avoid damaging the ring. At any rate, it makes sense to wear your engagement ring on the hand you use less. So there will be less wear and tear.

6. Engagement ring rules: follow your heart

You don’t have to devour entire manuals or scour the internet for advice or rules for buying an engagement ring. As with so many things related to proposing, engagements and weddings, there is only one true rule: follow your heart. Surprising your loved one with the big question, and that wonderful going down on one knee, is an unforgettable event in itself. With a gorgeous engagement ring as the icing on the cake. But once you have chosen it, in terms of your engagement, you can’t go wrong. So just remember, when it comes to engagement rings, there are really no rules at all!

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