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Halloween proposal ideas, all treats and no tricks!


For those who have a taste for the dramatic, planning a proposal on Halloween provides lots of ideas for a spectacular proposal your partner won’t forget in a hurry! From dressing up to trick or treating, pumpkin patches to haunted houses, there are so many fun ways to use this holiday to make your proposal even more special.

While Halloween has long been a big celebration in the US with everyone from children to adults getting involved, it’s only in the last few years that other countries such as the UK have started tapping more into the Halloween vibe. This rise in celebrating Halloween therefore means that Halloween proposals are becoming increasingly popular on both sides of the Atlantic. And although it’s not one of the more traditional holidays to propose on, Halloween is still a popular choice for marriage proposals. In fact, according to a 2019 survey by events company Chillisauce, Halloween was the sixth most popular holiday to propose on, with 12% of men surveyed thinking it was the best day of the entire year to ask!

So is a 31st October proposal the right day for you to pick? The fun and whimsy of Halloween does mean it lends itself magnificently to a variety of amazing proposals, and there are lots of creative ways that you can pop the question on the spookiest night of the year.

Propose with a pumpkin

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins, and these are the ideal way to ask your sweetheart to marry you. A simple way would be to carve the proposal into a pumpkin or a series of pumpkins, then light them up at night with candles and watch your partner’s reaction! You could set up the pumpkin as a centrepiece for a romantic dinner or place them outside your house in anticipation of your partner coming home and being greeted by a spookily romantic surprise.

If you’re carving a pumpkin together, another lovely way to propose is to slide the engagement ring onto the stem and see how long it takes for them to notice. When they do spot the ring and turn to you in confusion, all you have to do is drop onto one knee and pop the question.

Spooky themed Halloween proposal ideas

Lots of people love getting their fancy dress on for Halloween, and this could easily be incorporated into a Halloween proposal. Plan a costume for you and your partner of a famous couple, whether it’s full-on spooky such as Gomez and Morticia, or something a bit more romantic such as the couple from your favourite film or book. You could also opt for costumes of two things that belong together, like milk and cookies — a nod to how you feel about your partner!

Another fun Halloween proposal idea is to use the tradition of trick or treating. Knock on your own door and when your partner answers, ask them if they want a trick or a treat. When they naturally choose the latter, you can either outright ask your question, or to keep the theme going by handing them a bag with a candy ring in it. The other option is to get your friends involved, and then go trick or treating with your partner to their house. Instead of a bag of sweets, your friends hand your partner a ring box, and set the stage for you to go down on one knee and ask your question!

Going the extra mile for your Halloween proposal ideas

The extravagant nature of Halloween means that it’s an ideal date for going big on a proposal. If you dream of creating something truly epic for your partner then there’s no end to the creative things you could plan. Think a specifically created haunted house with a proposal at the end, a flash mob carefully choreographed to your loved one’s favourite spooky song, or a treasure hunt around a corn maze.

It might be a good halloween proposal idea to bring in a planner, as these professionals can ensure your grand Halloween proposal is definitely a treat for your partner and won’t turn into a grave failure for you!  

More Halloween proposal ideas

Of course, if a totally Halloween-themed proposal feels too extreme for you, there are still lots of ways that you can incorporate a flavour of the holiday into your proposal without going completely over to the dark side.

If the weather is on your side, take your partner to a local pumpkin patch and then pop the question surrounded by pretty pumpkins. You could also go for a wander around the neighbourhood at night, admiring the decorated houses and picking an appropriate moment to ask the all-important question.

Many historic homes are decorated for Halloween, giving you a beautiful backdrop for your proposal that gives a nod to the holiday without going too overboard. Or keep it really simple with a walk in the woods, surrounded by crisp, falling leaves and with a couple of steaming mugs of pumpkin spice latte!

Is Halloween not the holiday for your proposal? Have you ever considered New Years Eve?

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